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Interested in using a CBD vape for the first time? You’ve come to the right place. Provacan offers the utmost in quality when it comes to your CBD vape UK options. For years, we have offered only the finest selections of hemp-extract CBD products, and we craft our entire range with the utmost of precision and expertise.

Whether you’ve already got a vape cartridge of your own or are looking for your very first vaping device, we’ve got what you need. We offer both day and nighttime selections for vaping, as well as a state of the art rechargeable vape device that is designed and engineered in partnership with Kanabo research.

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  • Day Terpene CBD Pod (55%)
    Day Terpene CBD Pod (55%)
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  • Night Terpene CBD Vape Pod (55%)
    Night Terpene CBD Vape Pod (55%)
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  • Provacan Vape Pod
    Vape Pod | Provacan CBD Vape
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