14 Day CBD Diary

Embark on your CBD journey with Provacan's Free 14-Day CBD Diary, designed to guide you in finding your ideal dosage.

Recognising that CBD's effectiveness varies for each individual, our diary aids in personal experimentation, allowing you to discover what works best for you.

Start with a 600mg strength, gradually adjusting as needed. Remember, the journey to your CBD sweet spot should be gradual and mindful.

Monitor your reactions, adjust dosages accordingly, and once you find your balance, maintain consistency.

Once you find a dosage that works, we recommend using our subscription purchase feature - it's by far the most cost effective way to buy Provacan. You can save up to 35% off our regular pricing.

This tailored approach ensures a personalised and effective CBD experience.

Please fill in the form below to download a copy of the Provacan 14 Day CBD Diary for yourself.