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It’s not difficult to find CBD gummies in the UK. In fact, they have become one of the most popular methods of consumption. Provacan gummies are anything but ordinary or run-of-the-mill . Combining a delicious fruity treat with effective CBD dosage, Provacan gummies offer the perfect entry-level CBD product.

What are CBD Gummies? Learning the basics…

At Provacan, we have decades of experience in CBD research and product development. Simply put, we take CBD seriously — and we know our stuff. For example, extensive Certificates of Analysis (COAs) and informational articles are available at the touch of a button. We offer these reports so our customers always feel informed and in control when choosing CBD products.

We truly believe our CBD gummies are representative of our unrivalled quality in the UK’s CBD industry.

Before you buy CBD gummies in the UK, it’s important to understand exactly what this product is, and how CBD works in the body.

CBD gummies are a fairly self-explanatory product. In fact, they’re not unlike many of the traditional gummy bears or childhood sweets you may have had in years past. Just like these sweets, CBD gummies can be found in almost any flavour, shape, and texture combination. But what makes them unique is their CBD content.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid found within the hemp plant. At Provacan, we source all of our hemp from only the finest, highest-quality farms in the European Union. This is of crucial importance because CBD-rich, genetically-selected plants can often be the difference between ending up with an effective, quality CBD product, and a sub-par one. 

Furthermore, we ensure that only the safest and most effective extraction techniques are utilised when manufacturing and formulating Provacan CBD gummies. Our team of experts prioritises quality assurance in the most rigorous sense possible, and the result is a hemp-derived cannabidiol product that is truly exceptional in terms of quality, taste, and overall value.

CBD Gummies for Sale in the UK: An Ever-Increasing Demand

While CBD gummies are popular in the UK, most people consider CBD oil for their first-time purchase. Not only are oils the most advertised product in the industry, but every brand produces them — almost without exception. However, there are a myriad of reasons why CBD gummies provide a more user-friendly experience:

  • They provide accurate CBD servings in each gummy
  • They come in fun and delicious flavours
  • They offer a discreet method of consumption
  • They are largely free of hemp’s “earthy” taste

One of the top reasons for CBD gummy’s ongoing demand is convenience. While oils can provide tremendous benefits and advantages in their own right, some prefer not to have to hold the tincture under their tongue for upwards of 90 seconds. Also, not everyone enjoys the taste and texture of hemp-derived CBD tinctures.

CBD gummies provide another option. Gummies are also incredibly convenient, with each top-quality Provacan CBD gummy containing 10mg of CBD. Better yet, gummies can be cut into smaller portions, adding an element of “customisation.”

Not to mention, there’s little denying that gummies are delicious. Crafted to taste like chewy fruit pieces, they make consuming CBD a little more familiar. In contrast, traditional CBD oils often taste bitter and earthy, and the consumption process can feel alien and unusual.

Despite these differences, both products are popular and have a strong customer base.

Are CBD Gummies High in Fat?

Other ways we monitor quality here at Provacan is through the additional ingredients we choose. We recognise that some people may feel dissatisfied eating gummies every day, especially for those trying to lose weight or for those who are health-conscious.

Because of this, our gummies are completely fat-free. CBD shouldn’t feel like an indulgence or a guilty-act. So, even if you follow strict diet guidelines, our CBD gummies can likely work for you. In other words, our gummies are a guilt-free and delicious way to consume your daily CBD.

Are CBD Gummies Vegan?

With veganism on the rise in the UK, many traditional products are being adapted to accommodate this lifestyle. Still, many CBD brands are using ingredients that make it impossible for vegan customers to enjoy their gummies.

One common ingredient found in gummies is gelatin. Made from animal skin, bones, and tissue, gelatin acts like, well, a gel. It is commonly used to bind other ingredients together, and it is responsible for the chewy texture of gummies. Of course, it’s also an animal derivative; in other words, completely inaccessible for vegans.

At Provacan, our talented manufacturers use pectin – an innovative substitute for gelatin. This water-soluble starch is typically made from apple pomace and citrus peels, and can be used as a formula thickener (which is exactly what it does in our CBD gummies).

So, whether you are vegan or not, you can feel confident in knowing that all Provacan CBD gummies for sale are free of animal derivatives.

CBD Oil Gummies in the Official Provacan Online Store

When it comes to top-quality CBD oil gummies in the UK, we produce the very best. This starts with selecting premium hemp from farms that share our company’s ethos of clean, top-class ingredients. In fact, our hemp comes from organic farms in Europe; completely free of pesticides, herbicides, and other unwanted artificial chemicals.

After carefully selecting our hemp, we then focus on extracting the CBD. To do this, we use supercritical CO2 extraction. During this process, CO2 acts as both a liquid and a gas to help “strip” the aerial parts of the hemp plant material of its essential phytocannabinoids. We’ve outlined the procedure below:

Our hemp plant material is ground and placed inside a closed-loop extraction container.

CO2 is then added to the same chamber. We then apply low pressure and low temperature to the mix, until it reaches a supercritical state.

During this state, the CO2 exists in both a liquid and a gas form. This means it can effuse and extract the compounds within hemp.

After this process is complete, the CO2 is removed and separated from the plant material.

With this extraction process comes a high-cost. Still, it is well worth it in order to produce the UK’s safest products. Other solvent-heavy methods (like ethanol extraction) may leave residue that requires further filtration, and potentially damages the plant material.

After extraction and manufacturing, Provacan CBD gummies are then ready to be sold in two quantities:

  • 500mg (50 gummies in total)
  • 1,000mg (100 gummies in total)

Whether you want to stock up on our delicious gummies or try them for the first time, we have an option for you. For those that want the best CBD-infused gummies in the UK, Provacan delivers in a way that other brands simply do not.

How We Monitor Quality

When customers use Provacan CBD gummies products, they can be sure that quality is truly second to none. Our team is dedicated to rigorous quality assurance practices, and we stop at nothing to ensure that only the best, highest-quality ingredients are used in all of our products.

At Provacan, we also comply fully with the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association). This trade association works with many CBD industry sectors, including growers, distributors, and sellers. CTA has been essential to creating a strong and ethical CBD industry within the UK by encouraging good practice and advising on all things hemp.

Working with organisations such as these has been invaluable to the Provacan brand, and is why for years we have been able to maintain consistently high standards for our global customer base.

Do CBD Gummies Get You High? The Honest Truth

One of the main concerns customers have when choosing a CBD product is they’re worried it may cause a psychoactive high. So, do CBD gummies create these effects?

The answer is a resounding no. We follow strict UK regulations, and never use more than 0.2% THC in our gummies. We make our products with industrial hemp that has a lower concentration of THC than other varieties, and you can check this on our site by viewing lab sheets for all products.

We also conduct both in-house analysis and 3rd party testing on our product range. The results of these tests ensure our products are safe, consistent, and contain minimal THC. You can read our COAs to learn more about which cannabinoids are found in our products, or simply to satisfy your curiosity.

Continue browsing the official Provacan online store to find out even more about our unrivalled extraction process and world-class CBD products.

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Can you legally buy CBD gummies in the UK?

Yes, you can legally buy CBD gummies in the UK. They must contain less than 1mg of THC per container and be linked to a valid novel foods application with the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The legal THC limit for these products is 0.2%, ensuring they are non-psychoactive and compliant with UK regulations.

Can CBD gummies be bought over the counter?

CBD gummies can be bought over the counter in the UK. They are legal as long as they adhere to FSA regulations, which require a novel foods application and contain less than 1mg of THC. This makes CBD gummies accessible to consumers seeking legal and safe CBD edible options.

Are CBD gummies worth buying?

Whether it's worth buying CBD gummies depends on your individual needs and preferences. They are a convenient and discreet way to consume CBD, often preferred for their ease of dosing and variety of flavors. Many users find them helpful for relaxation, managing stress, and aiding sleep. However, it's important to choose high-quality gummies from reputable brands for the best results.

What are the strongest CBD gummies to buy?

The strongest CBD gummies available in the UK typically range in CBD concentration, with some going up to high milligram strengths per gummy. The ideal strength depends on your CBD experience and specific health needs. Always start with a lower dose and gradually increase to find your optimal strength, while ensuring the product meets UK legal requirements.

Are CBD gummies effective?

CBD gummies can be effective for various purposes, such as promoting relaxation, easing stress, and aiding sleep. The effectiveness depends on the quality of the CBD, the dosage, and individual factors like body weight and metabolism. They offer a convenient and enjoyable way to consume CBD, with effects typically felt within an hour of ingestion.