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Provacan Complete CBD Gummies 50 Pack | 10mg CBD per gummy

Provacan Complete CBD Gummies 50 Pack | 10mg CBD per gummy

• Great natural-tasting fruit flavours and no bad aftertaste
• 500mg total CBD content with 10mg CBD per gummy
• Fat-free, vegan friendly and ethically sourced ingredients
• Purchase on subscription to save 30% on every order

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Take 1 gummy as needed.

STORAGE: Keep pouch sealed once open and protect from sunlight, high temperatures and humidity.


Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Pectin, Lactic Acid, CBD Distillate, Natural Flavours, Natural Colours: Chlorophyllins, Lutein, Beetroot Red.


The latest lab report for this product is available to download here.


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It's important to preserve the appearance and quality of our products at home, before and during use. Ideally, all Provacan CBD products should be stored in a dark place, out of direct sunlight and somewhere cool under 25°.

During extreme weather conditions, Provacan capsules and gummies may become moist and stick together inside the sealed bottle.

While the appearance may change slightly, the quality remains as long as the product itself has not been directly exposed to sunlight for long periods of time

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Effortless CBD Experience with Provacan Complete 10mg Gummies

Provacan Complete CBD Gummies 10mg make integrating CBD into your daily routine seamless. Each gummy offers a precise 10mg of CBD, with the entire pack containing a total of 500mg.

These gummies are ideal for those who value both the ease and accuracy of their CBD dosage. Enjoy the simplicity of consuming a gummy for a convenient and enjoyable way to experience the full benefits of high-quality hemp extract.

Balanced Wellness with Provacan Complete 10mg Gummies

Our 10mg CBD gummies are a fantastic option for those transitioning from lower CBD doses or who prefer a mild strength. Meticulously crafted, each gummy delivers a consistent 10mg of CBD, promoting a balanced approach to your daily wellness regime.

These gummies are a reflection of Provacan's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, offering a versatile solution for various health and wellness objectives.

For the best value, consider our subscription plan, providing these high-quality gummies at our most economical price.


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How strong is a 10mg CBD gummy?

A 10mg CBD gummy offers a dosage that is often considered mild to moderate. This potency is generally suitable for those who are new to CBD or prefer a controlled amount. It's an excellent starting point for individuals seeking to understand how CBD affects their body without overwhelming it. The effects of a 10mg gummy can provide a gentle introduction to CBD's potential benefits while allowing for easy dosage adjustments.

What are the benefits of CBD gummies 10mg?

The 10mg CBD gummies are designed to support overall wellness. They are especially favored for their convenience and ease of use. Being pre-measured, they take out the guesswork associated with dosing, making them a straightforward option for daily CBD intake. Users often turn to these gummies as a supplement to their wellness regime, appreciating the discreet and portable nature of gummies for on-the-go use.

How long do 10mg CBD gummies last?

The effects of a 10mg CBD gummy can vary among individuals but generally last between 4 to 6 hours. Factors such as metabolism, body weight, and individual biochemistry play a role in determining how long the effects will be felt. Some users may experience longer or shorter durations of effects based on their unique physiological characteristics. Consistent use over time may also influence how the body responds to CBD.

How many 10mg CBD gummies can I take in a day?

The optimal number of 10mg CBD gummies to take per day can vary from person to person. It's recommended to start with a single gummy and observe how your body reacts before taking more. The FSA advises a maximum of 70mg of CBD per day, which should be considered when planning your intake. It's important to listen to your body and adjust your dosage accordingly, potentially increasing it in small increments to find the right balance for your needs.

Can 10mg CBD gummies be integrated into a daily wellness routine?

Yes, 10mg CBD gummies can easily be incorporated into a daily wellness routine. Their convenience and ease of use make them a popular choice for regular CBD users. They can be taken alongside other daily vitamins and supplements, fitting seamlessly into various lifestyles and routines. As with any supplement, it's essential to consider personal health goals and needs when integrating CBD gummies into your daily regimen.

Unmatched Quality in Every Bite 

Provacan's 10mg CBD Gummies are a standout in the UK's CBD market, not just for their authentic CBD content but for their unmatched quality and reliability. In a market often clouded by quality concerns, Provacan rises above, ensuring that each gummy is not only true to its labelling but also safe and effective. These gummies are crafted with meticulous care, reflecting our dedication to delivering wellness products that you can trust. Every batch is rigorously tested, ensuring that what you receive is a premium product that sets the benchmark for CBD gummies.

Why Provacan's 10mg CBD Gummies Are a Must-Try 

Each gummy from our 10mg pack delivers a consistent 10mg dose of high-grade CBD. This consistency ensures a reliable and balanced experience with every use. These gummies are not just ordinary; they are vegan-friendly and fat-free, made with the highest-quality hemp sourced from EU farms. In contrast to many other gummies in the market that use gelatin, Provacan's commitment to quality and ethical standards means choosing superior, plant-based ingredients, ensuring that each gummy not only meets but exceeds rigorous quality standards.

What Sets Provacan 10mg CBD Gummies Apart? 

In each jar of Provacan CBD Gummies, you'll find 50 gummies, each containing 10mg of the finest hemp-derived phytocannabinoids. Our transparency is what sets us apart. We believe in providing complete visibility into what goes into our products. Customers can easily access a full ingredient profile on our product pages, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed choice about your CBD intake. This openness is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer trust.

Where to Find the Best 10mg CBD Gummies 

You can find Provacan's exceptional 10mg CBD gummies on our official UK online store. We understand the importance of transparency in the CBD market, which is why we provide up-to-date lab reports for each of our products. These reports confirm the quality of our ingredients, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best. When you choose Provacan, you're choosing a brand that values integrity and customer satisfaction, offering products that truly stand out in the market.

Embracing Wellness with Provacan's 10mg CBD Gummies 

Our 500mg CBD Gummies are expertly designed to foster daily wellness and balance. Whether you're looking to maintain your routine health or seeking a soothing addition to your pre-bedtime regimen, these gummies are an ideal choice. Representing the pinnacle of quality and reliability in the CBD market, our gummies are a testament to Provacan's commitment to excellence. 

By choosing Provacan, you're not just choosing a product; you're embracing an ethos that values quality, reliability, and overall wellness. Experience the difference that a top-quality CBD product can make in your life with Provacan CBD Gummies.

CAUTION: Do not exceed more than 10mg CBD per day if taking orally for a prolonged period of time. Not suitable for under 18s. Do not use if trying to conceive, are pregnant or breastfeeding. Those who have a chronic medical condition or who are taking medication, should consult their doctor before taking. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not use as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.