Peppermint CBD Lozenges

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  • 2mg CiiTECH approved full-spectrum CBD in each lozenge
  • Direct sublingual (oral) delivery and fast-acting effects
  • Up to 2x longer-lasting effects than other CBD edibles
  • 50mg CBD content (25 lozenges per container)

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Provacan Peppermint CBD Lozenges

There are numerous ways to consume cannabidiol today orally. Up until recently, the process of using CBD oil drops or gummies were the primary options. However, certain brands have begun producing innovative products that are now on the market. At Provacan, we are one of these innovators, and are now proud to sell peppermint CBD lozenges for oral use.

Why Buy Peppermint (50mg) CBD Lozenges?

If you enjoy sweet-tasting products like edibles, you might be concerned about the amount of sugar you are consuming. Fortunately, there are products without artificial sweeteners on the market that provide you with the taste you crave, without the sugar content.

Our CBD lozenges for sale are designed to deliver the best of both worlds; premium, world-class CBD delivered in a format that is delicious and enjoyable to use. Each lozenge can be used for up to 20 minutes, providing extended CBD exposure to the oral glands.

It has taken some time for CBD lozenges to really make their mark on the industry. Now, thanks to the ongoing innovation here at Provacan, this is changing rapidly.

How to Use Provacan Peppermint CBD Lozenges

Lozenges contain our Provacan hemp paste, natural flavours, stevia, and isomalt. A lot of people are familiar with stevia, but are less acquainted with isomalt. For the record, it is a sugar substitute that comes from real sugar. It is made from beets, and is widely used in food manufacturing and cake decorating. It isn’t as sweet as sugar, though it is often blended with other sweeteners.

Each one of the Provacan CBD lozenges contains 2mg of premium-quality cannabidiol. There are 25 lozenges in each pack, which means you receive a total of 50mg of CBD. They are simple to use, and provide a precise CBD concentration.

Using one is as easy as placing it in your mouth.  Ideally, you will place it beneath the tongue and allow it to dissolve. In general, the lozenge may last for up to 20 minutes, though this can vary. The peppermint flavour delivers a refreshing, tasty way to consume your daily CBD.

Where to Purchase CBD Lozenges in the UK

UK consumers have a lot of options these days. However, the best option to buy quality, authentic CBD lozenges is right here at the official Provacan website. Browse our online store, and you will find several different flavours of CBD lozenges, all engineered to precision standards. (We do not recommend using more than five lozenges a day).

The Final Word on Peppermint (50mg) CBD Lozenges

When looking at CBD lozenges benefits, convenience is one of the first things that comes to mind. You can carry the Provacan container with you everywhere, and take a lozenge whenever you feel like it. You may also find that they can deliver a soothing sensation to a sore, scratchy, or itchy throat. Remember, when you use a CBD Lozenge, allow it to remain in your mouth for at least several minutes. Many of our customers use up to four lozenges per day, though it is not recommended to consume more than five in a 24-hour period.

Each lozenge contains 2mg of high-quality Provacan CBD extract from hemp. Many of our repeat customers elect to use lozenges in conjunction with other Provacan products. For example, many use our CBD oil tinctures in the morning and evening, and the lozenges as needed throughout the day.

If you believe that a little CBD goes a long way, then CBD lozenges available from Provacan are undoubtedly worth trying.

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Kate McAdams
September 21, 2021
Rating :

I have been using these a lot over the last few months and can’t wait to try some of the other flavours.