CBD Lozenges 4mg per Lozenge – Peppermint

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  • 4mg CiiTECH approved full-spectrum CBD in each lozenge
  • Direct sublingual (oral) delivery and fast-acting effects
  • Up to 2x longer-lasting effects than other CBD edibles
  • 100mg CBD content (25 lozenges per container)
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CBD Lozenges (4mg per Lozenge) – Peppermint

The benefits of our high-quality Peppermint CBD lozenges for sale go well beyond the obvious advantage in taste. While “other” forms of cannabidiol edibles are subject to gut digestion (thereby losing a portion of the active compound through metabolism), lozenges are absorbed sublingually (below the tongue).

In case you’re unfamiliar with sublingual absorption, it essentially involves the CBD absorbing directly into the bloodstream in the oral cavity, rather than passing through the digestive gut. In this way, a substantially larger percentage of the cannabidiol compound becomes available to the body’s cells, rather than being excreted as waste.

In other words, Provacan oral CBD lozenges for sale offer the bioavailability benefits of our award-winning tinctures, while also incorporating the taste benefit of a CBD edible. Two different worlds, combined for maximum effect and enjoyment.


Peppermint CBD lozenges are incredibly easy to use, and unlike a standard oral tincture, they offer a little more convenience in terms of monitoring your daily intake. For example, if you’ve ever tried to calculate the exact milligram amount of CBD you’re consuming in a tincture, you’ll know it can be a little tedious. You have to count the number of oil drops you’re placing below the tongue, and you also have to know how many mg of CBD are in each single drop for the specific product you’re using (check out our CBD oil product pages for this information).

With our Peppermint CBD lozenges, you know that you’re getting a robust 4mg of CBD in each “dose.” Simply place the lozenge in your mouth (preferably below the tongue), and let it dissolve for up to 20 minutes while you enjoy the cool, refreshing peppermint flavour.

The majority of the CBD compound will absorb sublingually, while the rest will be swallowed and processed internally via digestive metabolism. In this way, you are maximising the bioavailability of the active component while maintaining the taste benefit of a traditional CBD edible.


Furthermore, just like our premium line of oral tinctures, our Peppermint CBD lozenges contain a complete spectrum of hemp-extracted phytocannabinoids for a boost in the overall “entourage effect.”

What is the entourage effect? Research has suggested that when consumed in the presence of other naturally extracted phytocannabinoids, hemp compounds like CBD function more efficiently (rather than if used by itself as a CBD isolate).

For this reason, we utilise all natural terpenes and plant cannabinoids during the extraction process. Among other compounds, some of the active ingredients we include in the end product are CBDv, CBC, BCP (ß-caryophyllene), and CBG.

Each and every Peppermint CBD lozenge contains this same full-spectrum formula, which has been reviewed and approved by our team of expert cannabis researchers. Simply put, we are offering the best UK CBD quality and the utmost in purity in every single product we make.


Again, we emphasise the fact that our CBD lozenges for sale are one of the only edibles products on the market that incorporate a drastic taste advantage with the efficiency and enhanced bioavailability of a standard oral tincture.

Each peppermint CBD lozenge is infused with 4mg of active compound, and while this may not seem like a lot compared to our more potent CBD oils, it can offer the perfect pick me up in-between your daily cannabidiol servings, or throughout the day for increased calm, relaxation, and tranquility.

** PROVACAN ORAL CBD LOZENGES (PEPPERMINT FLAVOUR) CONTAIN LESS THAN 0.05% THC (images are for illustration purposes only)**

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Rating :

I love the flavor of peppermint, so this was an amazing find for me. Instead of having to deal with the awful flavor of regular CBD, this makes it so much easier.

Rating :

Just like a sweet you’d get at the beach, only this one is loaded with CBD!

Shawn Davidson
Shawn Davidson
Rating :

I’d have no hesitation in saying these are the best CBD edibles i’ve used. Typically, I notice far less of an impact with the edibles than i do with something like an oil. (On a side note I’ve used the provacan 2400mg formula in the past and it works wonders). That said these are great for mild use, and of course are also a treat because they’re far less expensive

Elia F.
Elia F.
Rating :

Wish i could afford the potent tinctures but atm these are about the only things I can afford from Provacan. And surely i’m not getting any help from any one. They are working well, I eat/chew on one most nights after dinner and I am getting through the night a lot better than usual. I’m usually a skeptic but i would recommend these

Scott Marin
Scott Marin
Rating :

Can’t say enough good things. I actually tried these and the lemon flavour, both are brilliant but I’d go for these instead if I had to pick. Will be trying the other two flavours as well though. Cheers guys please keep up the excellent work you are bringing a lot of good things to people’s lives



  1. How do Provacan CBD lozenges work?
    Very easily. Simply place a single lozenge in your mouth (preferably below the tongue), and experience the benefits of Peppermint-infused CBD absorbing into the bloodstream. Up to 20 minutes of active release with each CBD lozenge. 
  2. How much CBD is in each lozenge?
    Each Peppermint CBD lozenge is infused with 4 milligrams of award-winning Provacan full-spectrum cannabidiol.
  3. What is the advantage of CBD lozenges over other CBD edibles?
    Peppermint CBD lozenges combine the flavour benefit of an edible with the bioavailability benefit of a traditional oral tincture. Since the CBD released by the lozenge is absorbed orally in capillary blood vessels, the majority of the compound is available to the body, rather than being lost as waste during the processes of digestive metabolism. 
  4. How many lozenges should I take per day?
    We’ve found that most of our customers consume between 2 to 4 Peppermint CBD lozenges per day, most normally between their morning and evening servings of CBD tincture.
  5. Can I use Provacan CBD lozenges with other medications?
    This is something you would need to speak with your physician or healthcare provider about. Provacan CBD Lozenges (Peppermint flavour) are supplements, and are NOT meant in any way to treat or cure ailments.