CBD Lozenges 2mg per Lozenge – Blackcurrant

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  • 2mg of Award-Winning Provacan CBD extract per lozenge
  • Fast-acting oral CBD absorption
  • Potent, longer-lasting effects
  • 25 Blackcurrant CBD lozenges per tin (50mg total CBD)

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CBD Lozenges (2mg per Lozenge) – Blackcurrant

What are the benefits of Provacan’s CBD lozenges for sale, you might be wondering? Well, in spite of the surging popularity of ‘standard’ CBD products (like edibles), few people know or realise that much of the active compound is lost through digestive metabolism. In other words, lost in the gut well during the process of digestion.

CBD lozenges, on the contrary, combine the obvious taste benefits of edibles with the potent, highly efficient absorption rate of oral CBD tinctures. When consumed orally – and particularly under the tongue – cannabidiol is able to absorb directly into the bloodstream rather than having to pass through the digestive system (where up to 50% of usable compounds can get lost as chemical waste).

In other words, our CBD lozenges for sale are one of the first edible products on the market that have an absorption rate similar to that of sublingual CBD oils. You’re getting more of the active compound delivered right to where it’s needed most – your body’s cells.

And in fact, sublingual consumption is (in our opinion at least) the most effect form of CBD ingestion – offering up to two times the potency of other CBD products. Combined with the refreshing taste of natural Blackcurrant, these new lozenges really do bring together the best of two worlds.


If you’ve ever tried our award-winning CBD tinctures (which come in potencies as strong as 2400mg), you’ll know that they take a bit of time to dose properly. If you’re trying to get a precise milligram dose, for example, you’ll need to count the number of drops you place under your tongue. This way, you’ll be able to calculate exactly how much of the active compound you’re consuming based on the mg amount that’s in a single drop (this will vary from product to product).

With our new Provacan CBD lozenges, there is no such cumbersome nature in terms of accurate dosing. Our manufacturers infuse each lozenge with 2 milligrams of CBD; this may not seem like a lot, but trust us – it’s effective. They can provide up to 20 minutes of active use.

Simply place the lozenge in your mouth (preferably under the tongue for a maximised absorption rate). Enjoy the mouth-watering Blackcurrant flavour as the CBD compound is absorbed through small oral capillaries and into the bloodstream.

Using this technique, our CBD lozenges have been known to last up to twice as long as other edible forms. Of course, this makes them a perfect option for daily on-the-go use. Many choose to use the lozenges at work or in-between their normal daily CBD tincture doses.

And lastly, remember that our manufacturers infuse each lozenge – just like our premium line of CBD oil – with whole-plant boosted cannabinoids for maximised efficiency. In fact, in addition to the CBD we incorporate natural phytocannabinoids such as:

  • SS-caryophyllene (BCP)
  • Cannabidivarin (CBDv)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)

What does ‘full spectrum’ mean, you might be wondering? And what does it have to do with our CBD lozenges for sale? Well, some information expresses cannabinoids like CBD work more efficiently when in the presence of other natural hemp cannabinoids; such as the ones above. It is for this simple reason that we choose to utilise all ingredients of the plant; not just the isolated CBD compound.



As we’ve mentioned, Blackcurrant CBD lozenges incorporate the same whole-plant CBD formula as our award-winning oral tinctures. This helps to maximise the effect of the cannabinoids. Yet still, our lozenges incorporate the taste benefit of a quality cannabidiol edible. Developed for years in the pre-market state, our team of researchers approves each and every Provacan product before it becomes available for retail sale. With each and every product we make, you’re getting the highest in UK CBD quality.

** PROVACAN CBD LOZENGES CONTAIN LESS THAN 0.05% THC (images are for illustration purposes only)**

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July 8, 2020 9:53 am
Rating :

Blackcurrant is one of my favorite flavors and so I was super hyped to try these and I love them just cannot get enough.

Sommer Bing
June 28, 2020 5:55 pm
Rating :

The blackcurrant flavor takes me back to being a child and brings a smile to my face every time.

June 21, 2020 12:18 pm
Rating :

A unique idea for a product and one that is good for someone like myself who is always busy and away from home.

Ash Davis
June 13, 2020 10:15 pm
Rating :

So, so tasty I just can’t get enough of these blackcurrant lozenges. Last time I tried to order there were out of stock!

June 5, 2020 10:54 am
Rating :

It is nice to have so many flavor options as it means I can mix it up on a weekly basis.



  1. How do Provacan CBD lozenges work?
    Unlike other hemp-extracted edibles, Provacan’s line of CBD lozenges for sale incorporate sublingual delivery of the active compound. In bypassing gut metabolism, we are maximizing the CBD absorption rate into the bloodstream while still incorporating the delicious Blackcurrant taste benefits.
  2. How much CBD is in each lozenge?
    Each CBD lozenge for sale contains 2 mg of active CBD compound. This may not seem like a lot, but the maximized absorption rate combined with the long-term benefits make it a great option for general day-to-day use, or as a “pick-me-up” in-between your normal CBD oil servings. 
  3. What is the advantage of CBD lozenges over other CBD edibles?
    As we’ve said, the biggest advantage comes in the fact that you’re improving the bioavailability of the CBD compound. Since they are consumed like regular food, other edibles (i.e. gummies) are subject to digestive metabolism, which can be very inefficient in “extracting” the available compounds for the body’s cells. With Provacan CBD lozenges, you are increasing the amount of compound that gets absorbed through sublingual delivery. 
  4. How many lozenges should I take per day?
    Even though CBD is safe to consume and poses virtually no risk of toxicity, we do not recommend using more than 10 CBD lozenges in a single day. 
  5. Can I use Provacan CBD lozenges with other medications?
    CBD lozenges and our other CBD supplements are safe to consume, but we advise you speak with your physician or healthcare provider before using them with any form of medication.


Isomalt, Stevia, Natural Flavour, Full Spectrum Cannabis Sativa (L) Hemp paste.

Lab results

*Disclaimer: At Provacan we not only have our products tested in house but also 3rd party verified by FERA Science, a UK based ISO 17025 accredited establishment, originally created as the gov't laboratory inside the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Needless to say we consider FERA to be the gold standard, there is no higher level of lab testing verification.

'Lab Reports' reports can be confusing to many people, even when you know what to look for. In some cases report data can vary (on the exact same batch of product) depending on the type of testing used, equipment calibration, number of samples used as well as the individual operating the equipment.

With this in mind, it's important to note that even when testing products with an establishment as prestigious as FERA, they do allow for a reasonable discrepancy. When testing even the same batch minor variation in can results can occur. We work with FERA as they constantly improve product testing and consistency protocols.