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  • 5mg full-spectrum cannabinoids per lozenge
  • Easily dissolvable under the tongue for fast-acting delivery
  • Longer-lasting and more efficient than other CBD edibles
  • 25 lozenges per tin
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We are proud to bring to the market the very first (and to our knowledge, only) CBD lozenges for sale in the UK. This unique form of CBD edible contains full-spectrum hemp extract with an efficient CBD formula to ensure maximum absorption of the active ingredients.

And unlike other cannabis edibles such as CBD chocolates, CBD coffee and tea, or CBD gummies, our CBD lozenges are scientifically-validated to last longer and work more efficiently as the active ingredients are absorbed sublingually (below the tongue) rather than in the gut.

In fact, both public and private clinical data has suggested that the most effective method for ensuring maximum bioavailability of CBD is to use the sublingual method; this is because once CBD enters our digestive system (i.e. when you eat CBD gummies or CBD chocolates), a minimum of 50% of the active compound is metabolically lost due to stomach acids and liver function. In other words, nearly half of the CBD is lost to metabolic waste rather than being utilized by the body’s cells.

Our sublingual edible CBD lozenges offer a unique solution that combines the fast-acting efficiency of CBD oils with the pleasant taste and convenient dosing of CBD edibles. Also, we are able to optimize the CBD dose since we know that the absorption rate is over 2x more effective than ingested edibles that enter the digestive system.


Unlike our standard CBD oils which some find cumbersome to properly dose (you have to use a dropper bottle to add oil drops under the tongue), sublingual CBD lozenges are incredibly easy to use.

Simply take one lozenge, and place it under the tongue. Allow the lozenge to dissolve slowly (do not bite, chew, or swallow), and enjoy the natural orange flavour while the active CBD compound absorbs into the bloodstream.

Each lozenge should last approximately 20 minutes in the mouth (you of course will need to swallow saliva build-up as it is dissolving), with the effects lasting up to twice as long as other CBD edibles due to the fact that nothing enters the digestive system.

We recommend using Provacan CBD lozenges on-the-go during the day, or even as a top-up in between your daily CBD oil doses (many of our customers use our Provacan CBD Oil morning and night, and keep a tin of CBD lozenges close by during the day).


Just like our world-class CBD oil tinctures, Provacan CBD lozenges are designed for a wide range of use with boosted cannabinoids and whole-plant, full-spectrum hemp extract that contains the following natural cannabinoids:

  • CBD (Cannabidiol)
  • CBDv (Cannabidivarin)
  • CBG (Canabigerol)
  • CBC (Cannabichromene)
  • BCP (ß-caryophyllene)

Why do we contain other cannabinoids in addition to the CBD, you might be wondering? Studies have shown that CBD provides an enhanced entourage effect when combined with other naturally-occurring hemp compounds, rather than when it is used in isolation. Provacan CBD edible lozenges contain the same award-winning formula as our standard tinctures, and offer a unique broad-use formulation.


Each secure air-tight metal tin contains our blended formulation of CBD, along with full-spectrum hemp cannabinoids to ensure the maximum entourage effect with each and every use. Our CBD lozenges have been developed and tested both pre-market and in-market, and both customers and trial groups alike have given a unanimous thumbs up for the taste, effectiveness, and overall value of our Orange-flavoured CBD Edible Lozenges.

**ALL PROVACAN CBD PRODUCTS FOR SALE CONTAIN LESS THAN 0.05% THC (images are for illustration purposes only)**

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Rick Stevenson
Rick Stevenson
Rating :

Not bad. Wouldn’t say that they are the best CBD product on the market, but definitely worth it if you are looking to take CBD throughout the day without anyone knowing.

Rating :

I have ADHD and I have one lozenge in the morning, one before bedtime. My anxiety is significantly reduced, I can think straight, and my sleep has improved. I am impressed.

Rachel N
Rachel N
Rating :

I’ve been taking this as suffer from generalised anxiety & Crohn’s disease. It took 6-8 weeks to kick in but wow, I feel amazing! My anxiety has practically disappeared & I feel the healthiest & happiest I have for years. I now just need a lifetime supply!

Chris Mannings
Chris Mannings
Rating :

Just in time for Xmas hangovers
I hope it arrives in time, this is just whats needed after the coming few days of decadance 🙂

Masoub Ahnji
Masoub Ahnji
Rating :

I just ordered 2 packs
Well done guys… a proper medicinal edible. gummies are for kids… these Lozenges look and work as they should. I can’t wait to try them


  1. How do Provacan CBD lozenges work?
    Simply place a single lozenge under your tongue, and enjoy the robust natural orange flavours as the CBD is slowly absorbed into the body’s bloodstream. Since each lozenge can last up to 20 minutes before fully dissolving, you may want to move it around in your mouth from time to time rather than keeping it under the tongue for the full 20 minutes.
  2. How CBD is in each lozenge?
    Each individual lozenge contains 5mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. This includes the CBD content as well as smaller traces of other active hemp cannabinoids such as CBDv, CBG, CBC, and BCP (ß-caryophyllene).
  3. What is the advantage of CBD lozenges over other CBD edibles?
    When you consume ‘standard’ CBD edibles like gummies or chocolates, the active ingredients enter the digestive system where up to 50% of the CBD is lost to stomach acids and metabolic breakdown in the liver. Since you never actually chew or swallow them, Provacan’s unique CBD lozenges combine the efficiency of sublingual (below the tongue) delivery with the great taste and convenient dosing of regular CBD edibles. Truly, the best of both worlds.
  4. How many lozenges should I take per day?
    CBD is generally recognized as a safe compound with limited negative side effects, but we do not recommend taking more than 5 lozenges in a single day. Start out with one, gauge the effects, and go from there.
  5. Can I use Provacan CBD lozenges with other medications?
    CBD has been known to affect enzyme activity responsible for the metabolization of certain drugs and prescription medications, so it is recommended you speak with a physician before taking CBD products along with other medications.