Orange CBD Lozenges

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  • 2mg full-spectrum cannabinoids per lozenge
  • Easily dissolvable under the tongue for fast-acting delivery
  • Longer-lasting and more efficient than other CBD edibles
  • 25 lozenges per tin

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Orange CBD Lozenges (50mg) from Provacan

In the UK, there aren’t many CBD lozenge products available to choose from at the moment. There are even fewer CBD lozenges that are made to Provacan’s premium standards.  Our Orange CBD Lozenges are easily among the very best in the industry, and here’s why.

Buy Orange 50mg CBD Lozenges: The Market Leader in Quality

First things first, it would be good to know where you can find the best CBD lozenges for sale. You can sometimes find CBD lozenges for sale at your local high street store, but it can be hard to trust what you are getting.

For best results, we recommend buying from us here at Provacan. We’ve become one of the UK’s most trusted brands not only because of our first-class customer service but the high quality of our CBD lozenges.

Read on to learn more about authentic Provacan CBD lozenges, and how to use them.

Product Facts: Provacan Orange CBD Lozenges (2mg/Lozenge)

Provacan customers love our lozenges because they are among the purest, and most authentic in terms of CBD content. Each CBD lozenge contains a precision-infused 2mg of full-spectrum CBD, allowing for exact doses of CBD as – and when – you need them.

For full transparency, each Provacan product is tested by third-party laboratories, you can request these lab reports on our site. These reports let you know precisely what you can expect from each CBD lozenge, every single time.

Finally, it goes without saying that our Orange-flavoured lozenges taste great! With a mild orange flavour, these CBD lozenges manage to offer a tremendous profile while still being completely sugar-free.

Additional Product Info: Orange 50mg CBD Lozenges

CBD lozenges are one of the newest CBD innovations these days, and they are incredibly simple to use.

Instead of swallowing a regular CBD capsule or taking a sublingual CBD oil, you can instead take a CBD lozenge and enjoy it for up to 30 minutes. Lozenges slowly melt under the tongue, allowing for prolonged enjoyment while still receiving an adequate supply of premium CBD.

So, if you are looking for a new way to enjoy some CBD lozenges, be sure to check out our complete range of flavourful, market-leading options.

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October 11, 2021
Rating :

Every time I use these they feel like a treat with their sudden burst of orange flavor.