Provacan CBD is now Kosher Cannabis

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We are proud of the team behind the scenes at CiiTECH that have spent months ensuring our formulation and complete production process is compliant with one of the most respected Kosher certifications in the world.

For now only our flagship Provacan Oil 600mg & 1200mg products carry the certification.

The UK’s London Beth Din has been certifying kosher products for decades and carry the respect of accredited dietary supervision the world over.

Kosher certification means for you:

  • No; Meat, Fish, Dairy or Eggs are prepared on the same site.
  • Reviewed and approved ingredients from source
  • Checked and certified full manufacturing cycle, from cultivation to distribution
  • Supervised cleanliness throughout the production process

For us, it’s one more mark of quality assurance in our CBD based products.

KLBD Kosher Cannabis CBD UK Provacan

KLBD is the largest kosher certification agency in Europe, as well as one of the top five in the world. The KLBD logo is recognised and respected by both manufacturers and consumers worldwide. KLBD certify some 40,000 ingredients and over 2,000 retail products across six continents.

KLBD is an acronym for Kashrut (Kosher) Division of the London Beth Din (Jewish court of law). The court is headed by Dayan Menachem Gelley and is under the auspices of the Chief Rabbi. The LBD, a world leading authority on Jewish and Kosher Law, is proud to have been a leading force in kosher certification for more than a century.

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