Provacan CBD Isolate: Everything You Need to Know

Far from being the most popular CBD product on the market, CBD isolates can often appear intimidating at fiRead morerst glance. At Provacan, we want to dispel this myth. Rather than being an advanced method of application, isolates are the CBD industry’s most misunderstood product. They can, however, be incredibly effective – as long as you buy from the right brand, of course.

It’s important to us that customers feel confident when choosing to purchase our CBD isolates. This is why we work tirelessly to deliver an extract that is not only pure, clean, and potent, but also safe and easy to use.  

CBD isolates in the UK may not be as common as oils, but we want to show you how versatile and effective they can genuinely be. To start, let’s learn about what CBD isolates are, and how they function. Read more

  • 1g CBD Isolate (1000mg CBD)
    1000 mg CBD Isolate
  • 5g CBD Isolate (5000mg CBD)
    5000 mg CBD Isolate