CBD in Oxford [How to Find It]

One of the first things that you will find when trying to hunt down some CBD for yourself in the UK is how difficult it can be. Despite the fact that CBD oil is legal to buy, it is sometimes challenging to find CBD products with ingredients you can trust.

A huge part of this is due to the dubious nature of CBD oil when it comes to its legality. While you won’t be arrested for buying or using CBD oil, there is an irritating governmental control on the production of hemp plants. It is difficult to obtain CBD oil or cannabis products in general to sell them, and thus it is equally difficult to try and buy them.

Whereas most countries have hemp as a reasonably regulated crop, or just allow it to be grown freely, you can only cultivate it in the UK with a special license. Without this license, you can be prosecuted for marijuana-related crimes, meaning that you might end up in serious trouble with the law.

Despite this, it is just a bit easier if you live in big cities like London or even Oxford, but sometimes CBD isn’t as easy to find as you might think – even sourcing CBD in Oxford can be a challenge.

CBD Oils in Oxford

If you want to try CBD products for yourself, then you should definitely start out with CBD oil. CBD oil is something of a trendy product at the moment, with plenty of unique and interesting options currently available.

The benefits of oils are that they make it easy to consume higher doses for better value. It’s possible to purchase high potency drops, which means the buyer ends up saving money per mg. Additionally, CBD oils usually offer full-spectrum extracts, which tend to be preferred amongst the majority of individuals.

Buying quality CBD oil in Oxford, however, may pose to be difficult because it’s difficult to know the purity of oils sold in shops. Quality is typically determined by third-party lab tests, which prove that a product does not contain harsh chemicals, additives, or other nasties.

What about other ways to imbibe CBD? Where can you get things like CBD capsules?

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CBD Capsules in Oxford

If you are looking for CBD capsules, it is actually a bit harder than other types of CBD to track down, but those who do regularly consume capsules swear by them due to their ease of use.

Despite how popular CBD capsules are in the CBD marketplace, those wanting to hunt down CBD capsules in Oxford will most likely need to go online. Local shops do not tend to supply capsules, and the ones that are available aren’t always from brands you can trust or they are outrageously expensive.

Provacan is a UK-based company and therefore offers quick shipping to Oxford and surrounding areas. CBD capsules can be ordered in three strengths: 6mg/capsule, 24mg/capsule, and 96mg/capsule.

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CBD Topicals in Oxford

CBD topicals are a great way to apply CBD to specific locations on the body, letting you treat yourself in just the right place when you need it. The best things to remember when looking for CBD topicals are about what kind of treatment you are looking for.

CBD balms, for example, are specifically designed to treat injured areas, offering soothing therapy. CBD lotions, meanwhile, are more about soothing the skin and providing both relaxation and moisture to dried skin.

So, before you go looking for CBD cream in Oxford or other CBD topicals, make sure you know what you are hoping to end up with.

Provacan offers 11 options when it comes to CBD topicals, and products range from CBD shampoo to CBD balm and CBD eye cream to CBD sun cream. The range is made from high quality, lab-tested cannabidiol and has a lot to offer regardless of your needs.


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CBD eLiquid in Oxford

If you prefer to enjoy getting your CBD oil in eLiquid form, you are likely going to find it super easy to find a wide variety of CBD vape juice options available. ELiquids, and vaping in general, have become massively popular in the UK in the last few years, and while vaping certainly is not for everyone, it does have its advantages.

First of all, vaping is incredibly discreet and under the radar. Next off, it’s possible to take your vape with you on-the-go. Third, CBD eLiquid appears no different than any other eLiquid, which means no one is to suspect that there is something more in your vaporizer.

The issue stands, CBD eLiquid in Oxford lacks in serious quality when its found in shops and local stores. Because of this, it might be best to purchase online from a reputable UK-based retailer.

What about CBD edibles? Where can you go for some tasty edibles?


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CBD Edibles in Oxford

CBD edibles are unique because they are incredibly easy to consume in a discreet manner that does not draw attention. This is particularly beneficial for those who are concerned about others knowing of their cannabidiol consumption.

While CBD is legal in the UK and Oxford, there still stands a significant stigma around the cannabinoid. However, with continued education, people are becoming more aware of how CBD can be helpful rather than its relationship to other plants.

While some forms of cannabidiol are fairly straight forward and self-explanatory, “CBD edibles” is a broader category that includes the ever so popular gummies, chews, lozenges, chocolates, instant coffee, teas, and more. There are honestly so many different ways consumers can choose to “eat” CBD.

One tricky aspect about edibles is it can be difficult to know the quality of the cannabidiol being utilized in formulations. Additionally, many brands will opt for using CBD isolate in edibles, instead of the often preferred full-spectrum CBD.

While it is certainly possible to find CBD edibles in Oxford on the high-street or at pharmacies and health food stores, it isn’t certain that the products available will be of pure, lab-tested quality. For this reason, it might be easier just to buy online.

Provacan offers CBD gummies in two different strengths: 500mg and 100mg, as well as four flavors of CBD lozenges: peppermint, orange, honey & lemon, and blackcurrant.

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CBD Vape in Oxford

For those that have yet to really dabble in the world of CBD vaping, you might be confused at the idea of a different classification for CBD vape pods. After all, aren’t these the same thing as eLiquids?

Well, CBD vapes tend to refer specifically to the CBD vaporizers, which are the tools you use to enjoy CBD in vapor form. They can either be rechargeable, reusable vape sticks, or they can be a simple CBD vape pod, containing a single load of CBD that you can enjoy and then dispose of.

Not any vape can support CBD eLiquid, which is why if you’re trying to find a CBD vape in Oxford, it has to be compatible with CBD eLiquid.

Provacan offers Vape Pods and a CBD Vape attachment to go along with them. This combination is a fail-proof way to make sure your setup is compatible.

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CBD Gummies in Oxford

CBD gummies fall pretty firmly into the category of a CBD edible, yet they are often classified in their own section separate from regular edibles. This is because CBD gummies have a unique place in the CBD world, being both a sweet treatable to act as a tasty dessert and a sometimes hefty dose of cannabidiol at the same time. They are tasty, sweet, and easily chewable, making them a swift and fast way to get the CBD that you want in precise, pre-prepared amounts.

It may be a bit more challenging to find CBD gummies in Oxford than it might be to discover CBD oils, and for this reason, it tends to be easier just to shop online. 

So, out of all these types of different CBD products, where is the best place to get them?

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Why Provacan Might Be the Best CBD Provider for Oxford

Whether you are looking to buy CBD in Oxford or buy CBD in the UK in general, the chances are that you should probably pick Provacan. Provacan CBD is among the highest quality available, as well as being world-renowned for both its trustworthiness and its quality.

As the largest retailer and manufacturer of CBD products in the UK, Provacan stocks all kinds of different CBD products in a myriad of intensities. This means that you can enjoy huge customizability, letting you pick precisely the right CBD product that suits your needs.

If you are looking for CBD anywhere in the UK, you definitely need to give Provacan a try; they might have exactly what you are looking for.

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