CBD in Crawley | Where Can It Be Bought?

CBD is becoming a bit of a buzz word in the United Kingdom, with many proponents spreading the word about the potential benefits of this compound. Many locations throughout Britain are now embracing this non-intoxicating compound.

Some of our readers have been asking where to find CBD in Crawley. Residents of this town are in luck because CBD has become part of the local infrastructure. In fact, Crawley is home to the Crawley Cannabis Club, a member of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs (UKCSC) group.

Many people are now aware that CBD comes from hemp, a species of cannabis. CBD is currently legal in the UK as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC, but there is still a lack of regulation. Among other things, the UKCSC is fighting for a regulated market. The Crawley Cannabis Club has previously hosted events where people can try CBD products and fight for a better and safer industry.

For now, residents have many options for buying unregulated CBD products in Crawley – even if you don’t want to join the cannabis club. The majority of these products are safe and good quality, but you need to be careful. In this brief guide, we explain popular consumption methods and where you can find such products in Crawley.

CBD Oils in Crawley

CBD oil is the product that most users purchase. It’s considered the standard CBD product, offering lots of personalisation and a straightforward way to take cannabidiol. You usually drop the oil directly into your mouth, but some users have taken to adding it to their food. The reason for this is the peculiar taste of CBD oil, which has an earthy and bitter flavour due to the hemp.

Nowadays, there are many places to buy CBD oil in Crawley, but the most popular choice is to look online. Why is this? Buying CBD on the high street can be incredibly limiting not only because there is a lack of variety but because the prices are often unaffordable. At provacan, we work hard to provide reasonable prices without having to sacrifice any quality. And we celebrate more variety than most. Our 300mg and 600mg CBD oils are incredibly popular with first-time users, while our 1,200mg and 2,400mg support customers who need a stronger oil.

Remember that any CBD products you buy in the UK must contain less than 0.2% THC. You can’t view lab reports when purchasing in a brick and mortar store, which poses a problem. Here at Provacan, we lab test our oils to show that they all contain less than 0.05% THC – way below the limit.

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CBD Capsules in Crawley

Perhaps you have tried CBD oil already and have found the taste to be too much. You’re not alone! Brands often sell CBD capsules to help users avoid the taste. These pills are tasteless and very simple to use; all you do is take one each day with a sip of water.

Most CBD tablets come in the form of soft gels, which means they are made using gelatine. Soft gels are really easy to swallow, and your body can digest them well, making them perfect for CBD use. However, if you’re a vegan, you may need to look for a gelatine-free option.

You can buy CBD capsules in Crawley from many of the same locations as oils. But frustratingly, these options can be low in strength. You will undoubtedly find more variety online, though. The Provacan 96mg capsules are perhaps the strongest you will find in the British CBD market!

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CBD Topical in Crawley

For the uninitiated, CBD topicals are products you apply to your skin, such as creams and lotions. Many brands now sell a limited variety of topical products, often in the form of a moisturising cream or a pain cream.

As the market for CBD skincare has expanded, many manufacturers are now producing different CBD topicals. We have even seen CBD make-up for sale in the US! Online, you can treat yourself to CBD bath bombs, massage oils, and various face serums. The list is quite literally endless.

Here at Provacan, we pride ourselves on our incredible range of CBD topicals. Alongside a cocoa butter cream infused with CBD, we sell one-of-a-kind products like a CBD sun cream and a CBD shampoo. You can now inject cannabidiol into every aspect of your beauty regime; those who have done so say they have seen it pay off. Our extensive range is why we think Provacan is the best place to purchase CBD cream in Crawley.

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CBD E-Liquid in Crawley

Vaping is a widespread habit these days, but many nicotine vapers are switching to a CBD vape liquid. A CBD vape oil is not the same as a regular CBD oil because it contains thinning agents. If you add CBD oil to your e-cigarette, you could damage both the device and your health! Make sure you buy a legitimate CBD e-liquid if you’re planning on vaping – the brand should specify whether the product is vape-friendly.

CBD e-liquids come in many flavours and concentrations of CBD. You can find an enormous variety of fruity flavours and even ones that resemble desserts; there are also a few that taste like refreshing menthol. Our Provacan e-liquids have the gentle flavouring of natural terpenes from the hemp plant, making them ideal for mixing with other e-liquids to add extra CBD. They’re also ideal for people who don’t want to consume additives.

You can find CBD e-liquid in Crawley pretty easily. Even still, there is an even more extensive range of products online, where you can also view certificates of analysis to prove the safety of the products.

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CBD Edibles in Crawley

CBD edibles are super popular because they’re so tasty. You may also see CBD-infused beverages like tea and coffee, along with CBD chocolates, brownies, and other snacks. Nutritious snacks are ideal because they provide a pre-measured amount of CBD, removing any uncertainty you might have about measuring out CBD oil.

It can be a little harder to find CBD edibles in Crawley. For now, most residents will have to order their edibles online. Thankfully, there are a lot of choices there. For instance, at Provacan, we sell our renowned CBD lozenges. Each of these long-lasting sweets provides 2mg CBD and can be bought in three delicious flavors, including honey and lemon. 

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CBD Vape in Crawley

If you read the CBD e-liquid section above and considered trying out vaping, then you might want to begin with a CBD vape pod. Experienced vapers may invest in an expensive piece of equipment that provides the best flavour and vapour clouds, but this can be a big financial setback for someone who doesn’t even know if they enjoy vaping.

A vape pod is a sealed cartridge that you click into any standard e-cigarette, which you can often find for a pretty low price. Doing so allows you to try vaping without a high initial cost. You can even buy a disposable vape pen, where you throw away the entire thing once it has run out.

But where can you find CBD vape in Crawley? Many vape-users tend to look online for their vape devices and pods. At Provacan, our VapePod has been developed with an unrivaled core system and long-life battery. We use this innovative technology to make the vaping experience as easy but satisfactory as possible. Check out our products for yourself in our CBD store!

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CBD Gummies in Crawley

One of the most popular forms of edible is CBD gummies. These delicious sweets look just like a regular gummy bear or other childhood gummy sweet, except they are injected with a small amount of CBD. Eating one or two per day should provide you with your daily dose.

You can find CBD gummies in Crawley from several CBD retailers, but you will again find a wider variety online. By the way, you can also find vegan CBD gummies on the internet, but you need to double-check they don’t contain gelatine before you buy.

Here at Provacan, we stock delicious mixed fruit gummies containing 10mg each, giving you enough wiggle room to tailor your dose as you please.

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Buy CBD in Crawley from Provacan

We are fortunate enough to live in an era where you have a lot of options to buy CBD in the UK. Hemp-derived CBD products are becoming ever more popular, and this is opening up the market for new and innovative products, allowing more users to explore the world of CBD.

There are lots of places to buy CBD in Crawley, especially if you find yourself visiting London at any time. However, you can also make use of the fantastic selection of CBD products online.

Before you go, take a look at the selection we offer here at Provacan CBD. We sell products from all the categories mentioned above, giving our customers the option to consume CBD any way they see fit. We lab test all of our products, and we are continuously working to improve and take on feedback. That’s why we have so many satisfied customers.

But don’t take our word for it – try the products yourself!


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