720 mg CBD Capsules

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  • Enhanced ease-of-use compared to standard CBD oils
  • Tasteless, convenient, and pre-measured for consistency
  • Sourced from pure, organic, EU-cultivated Cannabis sativa (L)
  • 30 capsules per container
  • 24mg of CBD per capsule
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720mg CBD Capsules: Expert CBD Engineering

CBD capsules offer a unique range of benefits for the daily CBD user. And of course, convenience is the name of the game. If you’re looking for an authentic, expertly-engineered CBD product of the highest quality, but also want a quick, effective, no-frills consumption technique, capsules may be the option for you. Read on to find out more about our 720mg range, which many consider the best option for daily, all-around use.

Buy 720mg CBD Capsules

Those looking for CBD capsules for sale will likely already be familiar with the range of benefits that these convenient products have to offer. While traditional oral tinctures are highly effective in their own regard, many prefer not to have to hassle with the sublingual delivery method. Or for that matter, with having to hold an oil below their tongue for a minute — or more.

Capsules offer a level of convenience and user-friendliness that is unmatched in the industry. Simply swallow along with a drink of water or your favourite beverage, and you’re letting CBD get to work in areas of the body where it’s needed most.

Provacan CBD Capsules: The Market Standard in Quality

True to our entire product range, Provacan 720mg CBD Capsules are professionally crafted using nothing but the finest (and fewest) ingredients possible. Containing organic coconut oil and Cannabis sativa L (hemp) extract (in addition to the dissolvable gel-core hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) sheath), Provacan CBD capsules are as simple and effective as they are easy-to-use.

In fact, using is as simple as swallowing with a drink of water. Each capsule in our 720mg range contains 24mg of CBD that has been hand-picked and sourced from some of the finest organic farms in Europe. Quality is standard practice here at Provacan, and we remain committed to offering the market’s best, safest, and most effective CBD products

720mg CBD Capsules: Order Today w/ Fast & Secure Shipping

CBD capsule benefits are hinged on convenience and usability. At Provacan, we have always felt it’s important to offer products that are not only affordable across a wide range of budgets, but also products that are easy to use and functional for a variety of different lifestyles. Everyone out there is unique, and as such, everyone deserves access to quality wellness products that uniquely fit a range of personal needs. Try Provacan today, and experience the difference that an authentic, lab-tested CBD product can make in your life.

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Robert Greene
August 04, 2021
Rating :

Have ordered several times and always excellent service. Products are excellent quality also;
I’ve recently introduced my wife to their products

Sean Hearding
July 28, 2021
Rating :

Keep things simple- these capsules are ideal. The short list of ingredients really appealed to me.

L. Phillips
July 20, 2021
Rating :

I always have a few of these on hand just because they are convenient I guess

July 13, 2021
Rating :

This capsules have changed the way that I use CBD.
I find them so easy to use. I keep one in my bag. I have them on hand whenever I need to take one and they are super discreet!

Kristy McNeil
July 08, 2021
Rating :

Real quality products. This is actually one of only two CBD brands that I trust. I


  1. How do CBD Capsules work?
    Unlike oral CBD tinctures that are consumed by placing droplets below the tongue, CBD capsules are swallowed whole. In this way, the active phytocannabinoid components are absorbed via the digestive gut rather than oral capillaries. There may be a gradual decrease in bioavailability for CBD that is subject to digestive metabolism. For maximized absorption, we recommend our range of CBD oils. For maximized convenience, we recommend CBD capsules.
  2. How much CBD will I receive from a single capsule?
    Provacan CBD Capsules contain 24mg of CBD each. With 30 capsules in a single bottle, this equates to a grand total 720mg CBD content.
  3. What’s the difference between Provacan CBD Capsules and Provacan CBD oils?
    As we’ve mentioned, the primary difference is in terms of consumption method. CBD capsules offer a simpler, more convenient way to get your daily CBD serving. That said, both our CBD Capsules and our CBD Tinctures are sourced from the same organic hemp supply, and are formulated with the same full-spectrum CBD formula.
  4. How do I consume the capsules?
    It really couldn’t be easier. Take one capsule, place it in your mouth, take a sip of something, and swallow. That’s it.
  5. Are Provacan CBD Capsules the right product for me?
    This depends. Have a look at our blog or read through our article on how CBD works to get a better understanding of our product range. With an enhanced understanding of each one of our products, you can better choose which will be most appropriate for you and your needs. Of course, if you have any additional questions be sure and email us at info@provacan.co.uk.


Organic Coconut Oil, Cannabis Sativa (L) Extract, HPMC Capsule.

Lab results

CBD Capsules | 720mg CBD (24mg/capsule)

*Disclaimer: At Provacan we not only have our products tested in house but also 3rd party verified by FERA Science, a UK based ISO 17025 accredited establishment, originally created as the gov't laboratory inside the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Needless to say we consider FERA to be the gold standard, there is no higher level of lab testing verification.

'Lab Reports' reports can be confusing to many people, even when you know what to look for. In some cases report data can vary (on the exact same batch of product) depending on the type of testing used, equipment calibration, number of samples used as well as the individual operating the equipment.

With this in mind, it's important to note that even when testing products with an establishment as prestigious as FERA, they do allow for a reasonable discrepancy. When testing even the same batch minor variation in can results can occur. We work with FERA as they constantly improve product testing and consistency protocols.