CBD Capsules | 2,880mg CBD (96mg/capsule)

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  • Convenient, easy to use
  • Flavorless, pre-measured CBD content
  • Premium quality EU Cannabis sativa (hemp) extract

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CBD Capsules | 2,880mg Full-Spectrum CBD (96mg/capsule)

While oral CBD oils remain a popular line of products, many prefer a more convenient consumption method. Provacan CBD capsules are conveniently pre-measured and formulated at 2,880mg of full-spectrum extract, meaning they contain a robust 96mg per capsule.

CBD capsules from Provacan incorporate the same premium grade Cannabis sativa (hemp) extract as our leading oral drops, e-liquids, edibles, and topicals. Provacan represents the UK standard in quality CBD extract. Experience the difference today with easy-to-use Provacan CBD 2,880mg Capsules.


There are a few different reasons why one would want to opt for CBD capsules over a typical oral CBD oil. For one, capsules are much easier to consume and measure out a specific milligram amount. In fact, there’s no measuring involved at all; simply swallow the CBD capsule whole along with a drink of water and you know how much CBD you’re getting, every time.

With oral tinctures, users must apply droplets beneath the tongue, hold for a minimum of 30 seconds, and then swallow. While effective, this consumption method can be difficult and cumbersome for some users. Our 2,880mg CBD capsules offer a much more straightforward consumption option, meaning your daily CBD intake is now easier than ever.

  • Highly convenient CBD consumption
  • Pre-measured for ease-of-use
  • Extracted from CBD-rich EU hemp

For those of you that have used Provacan CBD oils in the past but prefer to avoid this form of consumption, CBD capsules can provide an excellent alternative. The CBD component ends up in the bloodstream just as it does with an oil, but much of the phytochemical content is absorbed via the gut wall as opposed to sublingual blood vessels.


Provacan CBD capsules are made with a specific use in mind. Don’t want to hassle with counting out oil droplets and holding them under your tongue? Our potent 2,880mg CBD capsules offer a robust 96mg of hemp extract per capsule. A simple swallow and you know how much CBD you’re consuming, each and every time.

Also, at 2,880mg for the entire bottle, CBD capsules are an excellent option for monthly use. Many of our customers prefer to take a single capsule in the morning, and then another at night for a daily total of 192mg of hemp extract. 

** PROVACAN CBD CAPSULES CONTAIN LESS THAN 0.05% THC (images are for illustration purposes only)**

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Rating :

I like that they is no measuring and no mess with these, not sure why I would use any other product again.

Rating :

Clear instructions that helped to fill me with confidence the first time I used these.

Rating :

Incredibly convenient and worked quite well but I think I will stick with the CBD oil tinctures. I actually like the flavor

Mary Beth
Mary Beth
Rating :

Second time using these capsules, first time trying the higher potency (I was using the less strong capsules before). Man what a difference. I take one a night every night about an hour before bed and the results have been life changing.

Rating :

I like having many different sizes available as it means I can alter how I use capsules to suit how I am feeling on the day.


1. What are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are an extremely easy to use alternative to CBD oil. Made from the same full-spectrum hemp extract as our leading line of CBD tinctures, capsules are quick, convenient, and pre-measured at 96mg per capsule. Reliable, tasteless, hassle-free consumption.

2. How much CBD is in each Provacan 2,880mg CBD capsule?

When you consume a 2,880 mg CBD capsule, you’re getting 96mg of hemp extract per capsule. 2,880mg is the amount of CBD in the entire bottle. Since there are 30 capsules per bottle, this equates to 96mg per individual capsule. Provacan CBD capsules are made from full-spectrum hemp extract, meaning your getting an assortment of valuable cannabis phytochemicals in addition to the robust CBD content.

3. Is there a difference between CBD Capsules (2,880mg) and standard CBD oils?

CBD capsules and CBD oils are consumed differently. With CBD oils, users must use the dropper cap to place drops below the tongue. They then must hold the oil for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. CBD capsules are much easier to use. Simply swallow a capsule whole with a drink of water, and you’re done. A fast, convenient, and reliable way to get your daily CBD.

4. How do I use CBD capsules?

It could not be easier. Pop open the bottle, take one capsule, and swallow it whole along with a drink of water or other beverage. The CBD and other cannabis phytochemicals will be absorbed into the bloodstream via the intestinal lining.

5. How do I know if Provacan CBD Capsules are the best option for me?

Everyone has a different experience with CBD. What works for one person, may not work for you. And of course, what works well for you may not work for someone else. Finding an effective form of CBD intake requires patience, diligence, and a keen ability to listen to your body. Don’t give up on CBD if you are not experiencing immediate benefits, or even if you are not experiencing benefits after several days or weeks. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, and some individuals may respond more initially to the presence of CBD than others. If you have any additional questions, be sure to reach us by sending an email to: info@provacan.co.uk.


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