What is the Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil?

What is the Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil?

In the world of natural health products, you may often hear about hemp seed oil and CBD oil. But what exactly are they, and how do they differ? This article offers an in-depth comparison to clear up any confusion.

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, specifically the hemp variety.


Hemp seeds have been utilised for various applications dating back thousands of years to ancient civilisations.


The primary constituents of hemp seed oil are essential fatty acids and proteins. It’s important to note, though, that it does not contain cannabinoids like CBD or THC.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, also comes from the Cannabis sativa plant but is obtained from different parts, namely the flowers, leaves, and stems.


While the medicinal use of CBD can be traced back to ancient times, its recognition and scientific research have amplified significantly in recent years.


CBD oil houses a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD), with potential traces of THC, typically not enough to exert any psychoactive effects.

Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil: Extraction Process

The extraction process significantly influences whether the end product is hemp seed oil or CBD oil.

The Hemp Plant

Both oils originate from the hemp plant, a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species. The part of the plant used for extraction, though, determines the type of oil produced.

Extraction Methods

Hemp seed oil is obtained by cold-pressing the plant’s seeds, whereas the extraction of CBD oil often involves more sophisticated methods, like CO2 extraction, to acquire the cannabinoids from the flowers, leaves, and stems of the plant

Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil: Legal Aspects

The legal aspects surrounding these oils vary based on their composition.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is widely legal in many countries, including the United States, due to its lack of THC, the compound responsible for cannabis’s psychoactive effects.


The legality of CBD oil is more nuanced, depending on the THC content and the CBD source (hemp or marijuana). In many countries, CBD oil derived from hemp is legal, while CBD oil from marijuana is either illegal or strictly regulated. 

Choosing Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil

The choice between these two oils largely depends on your specific needs and the legal status in your region.

Common Misconceptions about Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil

There exist many misconceptions surrounding these two oils.

Clearing the Confusion

The most common misunderstanding is that hemp seed oil and CBD oil are identical. While they originate from the same plant, their extraction processes, compositions, and uses are distinctly different.

The Side Effects of Hemp Seed Oil

Common Side Effects

Hemp seed oil is generally safe for most people when used moderately. However, some might experience mild side effects like diarrhea and abdominal cramps if consumed in large quantities.

The Side Effects of CBD Oil

Common Side Effects

CBD oil side effects may include dry mouth, fatigue, and decreased appetite. More severe side effects could occur if it interacts with other medications.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil is key to making an informed decision. Despite their shared origin, their composition, extraction processes, and legal aspects distinguish them significantly.



1. Is hemp seed oil the same as CBD oil?

No, hemp seed oil and CBD oil are not the same. While they come from the same plant, their composition and extraction processes are distinctly different.

2. Can hemp seed oil get you high?

No, hemp seed oil does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, so it won’t produce a ‘high.’

3. Does CBD oil contain THC?

The amount of THC in CBD oil can vary. Some CBD oils contain no THC, while others may contain small amounts.

4. What are some common side effects of hemp seed oil?

Some potential side effects of hemp seed oil include diarrhea and abdominal cramps, particularly when consumed in large amounts.

5. What are some common side effects of CBD oil?

CBD oil’s common side effects can include dry mouth, fatigue, and reduced appetite. More serious side effects, although rare, could occur if it interacts with other medications.

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