What is Premium Pure CBD Oil?

What is Premium Pure CBD Oil?

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of premium, pure CBD oil? In many cases, finding the right type of product for your health goals can seem tricky, but why should this have to be the case? Indeed, in many cases, premium pure CBD oil offers many benefits over standard quality alternatives – which begs the question, what is premium pure CBD oil, and what makes it different? We’re looking at our natural CBD oil 1200mg supplement as an example today to help highlight the key things you need to know in this regard.

What is Premium Pure CBD CBD Oil? 

First of all, we need to define what premium, pure CBD oil actually means. As the name suggests, Premium CBD oils are created from the highest-quality ingredients, which helps ensure that they offer the best possible profile for your needs. 

For example, our natural CBD oil, 1200 mg, is made from just a handful of the best natural, organic ingredients: Olea Europaea (olive) oil and natural hemp plant extract. This simple combination of some of the highest-quality, authentic ingredients has helped position the product as a top choice for natural CBD oils.

Defining Pure CBD Oils

Unfortunately, purity is a little trickier to define than a “premium” product. When talking about CBD supplements, there are two main things to consider regarding the purity of a product.

First of all, there’s the purity of the ingredients. The CBD oil used in products made from pure ingredients, such as our natural CBD oil 1200mg, will have been derived only from pure hemp plants. That means that even though pure CBD can be extracted from other types of cannabis plants, only pure hemp plants should be used in CBD oils. This is a legal requirement for CBD manufacturers in the UK to follow, and all CBD supplements made and sold in the UK must legally be derived from licensed hemp growers only. This helps give you, as the customer, greater confidence in the purity of your purchase.

However, there’s another meaning behind the word “pure” when referring to CBD oils. A pure CBD oil may also define a product that only contains CBD, with negligible or no other traces of cannabinoid compounds whatsoever. This differs from products such as our natural CBD oil 1200mg, which is classed as a “full spectrum” supplement; in other words, it contains a full range of different cannabinoid compounds, with the exception of THC.

What’s Wrong with THC? 

At this point, we’ve clarified that premium, pure CBD oils may denote a product that’s made from pure hemp plants only. Otherwise, this may be used to describe the combination of cannabinoid compounds within the supplement. However, with both types of CBD supplement, there’s a common theme: these products do not contain any significant levels of THC. But what’s the problem with THC, anyway? 

THC is another cannabinoid compound that cannabis plants naturally produce, and it’s mainly responsible for the psychedelic effects that cannabis is known for. Specific, licensed strains of cannabis (hemp) have been bred to have a marginal CBD level; as such, the amount of CBD in hemp is so low that it’s barely detectable.

This means that the risk of contamination of CBD supplements made from hemp products is significantly lower as long as the supplements are approved and in line with UK regulations. Therefore, only pure hemp should be used for CBD and other cannabinoid compounds in the extraction process. 

How Can I Check a Supplement’s Purity and Quality

At this point, we’ve outlined the main things you need to know about what makes a high-quality, premium, pure CBD supplement. However, how can you check the purity and quality of a supplement before buying it? There’s no point relying on a brand’s promise alone; this doesn’t necessarily guarantee the product is pure in its own right. Luckily, you can look for several things when choosing a high-quality, premium CBD oil.

Manufacturing Method 

A reliable, effective manufacturing and extraction method is one of the first things you should look for when choosing a premium CBD oil. In order to get the best from your CBD oil, aim for a product that has been made using low-temperature, low-pressure CO2 extraction. This method helps maintain the quality, purity, and potency of the extracted cannabinoid compounds. In doing so, you can be pretty confident you’ve chosen a top-quality product that’s been made with care and attention to detail.

Ingredients List

The next thing you should ideally look for from a premium, pure CBD oil is a short, pure ingredients list. In most cases, CBD oils don’t need countless ingredients; they only need a base and the CBD itself. With this thought in mind, if your chosen product has a very long ingredient list, be sure to check the properties of each ingredient to be sure these are still “premium” options. 

Laboratory Testing

Before buying any CBD supplement, always ensure you’ve seen the results of laboratory testing for the product and that you are happy with the presented information. Laboratory testing allows you to see how well the product has performed in terms of purity and can help give you confidence that the product isn’t secretly hiding away compounds such as THC. 

CBD oil could be well worth considering if you’ve been looking to try CBD supplements. Indeed, CBD oil supplements come in many different forms, and not all are necessarily created equally. With this thought in mind, as part of your decision, it’s well worth considering whether premium pure CBD oil might be right for you.

Of course, it’s worth remembering here that CBD is not a wonder drug. So, while it may help improve sleep quality and the like, even the highest grade CBD supplement won’t work miracles. Plus, you should always check with your doctor first to ensure that CBD supplements are a safe bet for your needs.

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