Provacan CBD Oils are Kosher – What This Means for You

Provacan CBD Oils are Kosher – What This Means for You

Provacan CBD Oils are Kosher – What This Means for YouDid you know that Provacan CBD oils KLBD certified? All of our CBD products here at Provacan are designed to be as high-quality as possible. And as part of this, we have made it our mission to ensure that as many people as possible are able to enjoy our top-quality products that want to. And so, with this thought in mind, we have taken the step to make our award winning CBD Oil range packed with the best possible ingredients and fully Kosher-certified!

What Does Kosher-Certified Mean? 

Before we look any further, we first need to consider what Kosher certification actually means. A Kosher-certified product is one that fits with the requirements of Jewish rabbinical sources and rules. With this thought in mind, all Kosher-certified products need to be made in line with basic Jewish teachings.

Of course, CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which is a specialist strain of cannabis bred to contain high levels of CBD without the excessive THC content that’s common with many other cannabis strains. Crucially, this means that, as a natural plant, hemp itself and the associated CBD that’s derived from it is compliant with Jewish law as standard. However, in order to be fully Kosher, the extracted CBD must be tested and certified at the time of extraction; a hechsher is then provided, which certifies the Kosher quality of the extract.

Going the Extra Mile 

All of our Provacan CBD oils are based on the highest-quality olive oils, which ensures an amazing result for all of our customers. After all, the purity of our products and helping as many people as possible is something we’ll never compromise on – and why should you have to settle for second best? 

What’s more, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that all of our Provacan products are as effective and safe as possible for Kosher users! We ensure that no eggs, dairy, fish, or meat products are prepared on the same site as our amazing CBD oils, which prevents cross-contamination that would compromise the Kosher nature of our CBD oils.

In addition to this, we work tirelessly to ensure that all of our ingredients are reviewed and approved directly from the source. We also use certified products throughout our manufacturing cycle to ensure these high standards are never compromised.

Is Provacan CBD Halal?

‘Halal’ is the Arabic word meaning permissible. Halal food is a diet that adheres to Islamic laws of the Quran and often times when Halal options are not available one can eat or ingest Kosher products. Although Provacan CBD is not Halal certified, it is suitable as an alternative for Halal followers. So if you follow a Halal diet and you can enjoy Provacan CBD Oil. 

Does Kosher Certification Change the Nature of our CBD Oils? 

We’re immensely proud to have received Kosher accreditation for our CBD oils, but this doesn’t actually change anything for our customers. 

Indeed, we’re still using the highest-quality CBD, derived from authentic hemp plants through CO2 extraction processes, to create a product that’s uncompromisingly high-quality. We still use the same grade of top-quality olive oil as a base in all of our CBD products, ensuring that you enjoy an amazing experience without fail.

Not much has really changed in terms of the composition of our CBD. It’s just better than ever with additional accreditation to guarantee its quality and purity – which we think is a brilliant success! Plus, since we’re stringent on ensuring that the entire manufacturing process is Kosher certified, you can count on us to deliver an amazingly high-quality product every time.

Our premium-quality CBD oils are Kosher-certified by the KLBD, Europe’s largest Kosher certification system. With around 40,000 ingredients and 2,000 products supported by the KLBD, it was the natural choice of who to partner with as part of Provacan’s goal to certify its CBD oils with a reputable, authentic, and trustworthy certification scheme.

Can Anyone Use Kosher-Certified CBD?

Yes indeed, the additional certification only further validates our products quality. Kosher certification simply means that a product is certified as being Kosher, but this doesn’t prevent other people who are not within the Jewish community from also enjoying our top-quality CBD supplements! 

Which Provacan CBD Oils are Kosher-Certified? 

All of our CBD oils – including our 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg versions – are Kosher-certified, giving people looking for top-quality Kosher supplements greater freedom.

It’s well worth considering here, as part of your decision, that our Kosher-certified CBD oils will vary in dosage, depending on the strength you initially chose. For example, you’ll need around eight times as much in terms of dosage for our 300mg CBD oil compared to our 2400mg CBD oil. So, although all of our CBD oils are Kosher-certified, you’ll still need to follow the specific dosage of your chosen supplement to get the best results.

Finally, it’s well worth considering that, in addition to being Kosher-certified, all of our premium CBD oils are tested by third-party laboratories for quality and purity. This helps ensure, without a shadow of a doubt, that your chosen CBD oil is of the highest quality possible. Moreover, it’s worth keeping in mind here that our third-party laboratory tests look not only for THC contamination but also for heavy metals and the like. As such, when coupled with our new Kosher accreditation scheme, you can enjoy the best possible level of quality control assurance possible.

 If you have been looking for the highest-quality CBD, looking at a product’s list of certifications is one way to get started. And, with this thought in mind, our top-quality range here at Provacan might be just what you need. Indeed, we’ve only used the highest-quality ingredients in all of our manufacturing processes. 

Our premium Provacan CBD oil contains full-spectrum, CO2-extracted hemp extract mixed with premium olive oil for the best possible results. You know you’ll get a professional, high-grade product every time. Why compromise when looking to buy CBD oil

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