What is the Difference Between CBD Gummies and CBD Oil?

What is the Difference Between CBD Gummies and CBD Oil?

Have you ever wondered about the main differences between CBD gummies and CBD oil? Both CBD gummies and CBD oil are becoming increasingly popular options, but it’s not always clear how they differ and which might be the better option for you. With this thought in mind, we’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know about the differences between CBD gummies and CBD oil to help you find the most valuable option for your needs.


What is the Difference Between CBD Gummies and CBD Oil?

When it comes to CBD, there are numerous different ways you can take CBD supplements, and considering these may help you find the ideal strategy. Indeed, there’s no single solution for taking CBD supplements, and everyone’s preferred method will differ. Considering this thought, considering the main differences between CBD gummies and CBD oil could be a good first step.


Are CBD Gummies and CBD Oil Flavoured? 

One of the first things you might want to consider when choosing between CBD gummies and CBD oil is their flavour. Indeed, CBD gummies and oils are potentially available in a selection of flavours, which can help make them much more palatable to take if you’re not keen on unflavoured varieties. 

However, it’s more common for CBD gummies to be flavoured than CBD oils, the latter of which may come in an unflavoured variety. As such, if you’re not keen on the earthy taste that some CBD oils may offer, a flavoured oil or gummy may be better.


How Does Dosage Differ Between CBD Gummies and CBD Oil? 

Generally speaking, the concentration of CBD within CBD oils is significantly higher than in CBD gummies. 

For example, our industry-leading Provacan CBD 2400mg, 24% full spectrum drops contain approximately 12mg of CBD per drop. This is vastly higher than many other brands of CBD supplements, which can contain as little as 0.5mg per drop – requiring a lot more to make up your daily dose! However, our CBD gummies are just slightly less powerful at around 10mg per gummy; while this is again much higher than many other brands of CBD gummies, it’s still safe to say that CBD oil is much more potent, especially by volume or weight.

The Food Standards Agency recommends that healthy adults have 70mg of CBD supplement daily or less. This would equate to seven or fewer CBD gummies per day or just six drops of our high-strength CBD oil. 


Which is Easier to Take: CBD Gummies vs. CBD Oil?

It’s a little difficult to say which is easier to take: CBD gummies or CBD oil directly. This challenge arises due to the fact that, while both supplements are designed to be easy and discrete, their typical route of dosing is a little different.



For example, CBD oil is generally easier to take from a speed perspective since you only need a couple of drops per day. By contrast, you may need several CBD gummies to achieve the same result. Dosing CBD gummies is a little harder since they contain a set amount of CBD, whereas CBD oils can be much easier to dose (especially with less potent oils, such as our 3% full spectrum oil).



However, if you are looking for a CBD supplement that you can take while out and about without drawing particular attention to yourself, CBD gummies are definitely easier to take. High-quality CBD gummies look much like any other sweet, which means you can easily take them while on the go without getting any looks from passers-by wondering what you’re doing with a pipette. 



With that being said, there’s also an argument for CBD oil’s practicality in mixing with other drinks. If you’re not keen on the taste of CBD oil, for example, you can potentially mix it with a glass of water or your normal favourite drink; so long as you finish the entire drink, you’ll still get the same dosage of CBD as you would if you’d taken it directly. 

Hence, this offers practicality and versatility for you to take CBD supplements throughout the day. For example, you could add it to a water bottle to enjoy at work. Naturally, this may be easier in some cases, depending on your lifestyle and how you plan on taking your CBD.


Which Offers Better Value for Money: CBD Gummies or CBD Oil

Overall, CBD oil tends to offer better value for money if you’re looking to keep the cost down of your supplements. This saving potential is primarily because CBD gummies require many more ingredients and processing.

If we focus on our high potency CBD oil (24% full spectrum), the price per mg of CBD comes to roughly £0.0375 on a monthly subscription plan. By contrast, while we do our utmost to provide our customers with the best prices possible, our CBD fruit gummies in a 50-pack bottle are around £0.045 per mg of CBD. 

While the difference isn’t massive here, it’s safe to say that CBD oil is slightly better value for money overall. Furthermore, CBD oil is also less packaging-heavy from the perspective of dosage; as such, a single bottle of CBD oil is likely to last much longer than a bottle of CBD gummies, reducing your impact on the environment accordingly.


If you’ve been looking to try CBD supplements or previously taking CBD oil but feel like a change, it’s well worth considering the value that CBD gummies and CBD oil could bring. After all, though the dosage for CBD gummies and CBD oil varies, it’s worth considering that both will still be made with premium, high-quality CBD. 

However, always check that the brand offers third-party laboratory results first to ensure you’re not accidentally buying a low-quality product. After all, not every CBD oil is necessarily created equally, and this could absolutely influence your choice regarding the best type of CBD supplement. After all, unauthorised CBD supplements that are not tested can potentially contain THC or heavy metals, which may impact your experience and potentially even endanger your health. So, why take the risk; always choose a licensed brand, such as Provacan, to ensure you’re paying for a genuine product rather than a low-quality alternative.

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