CBD Products

Provacan is the largest seller of CBD products in the UK and works with oneRead more of the largest scientific innovative groups that focuses on CBD in the world. Our most unique distinction is that Provacan is the first CBD brand produced by CiiTECH. Read more

  • 1200mg CBD Oil
    1200mg CBD Oil
  • 600mg CBD Oil
    600mg CBD Oil
  • 2400mg CBD Oil (Limited Edition)
    2400mg CBD Oil (Limited Edition)
  • 300mg CBD Oil
    300mg CBD Oil
  • 300mg CBD Balm
    300mg CBD Balm
  • 600mg CBD Vape Oil
    600mg CBD Vape Oil
  • CBD Gummies
    CBD GUMMIES | 500mg CBD (10mg/gummy)
  • CBD-Massage-Oil Provacan
    CBD Massage Oil 100mg
  • 300mg CBD Vape Oil
    300mg CBD Vape Oil
  • CBD gummies
    CBD Gummies | 100mg CBD (10mg/gummy)
  • 2500mg CBD Paste
    2500mg CBD Paste
  • CBD Capsules | 180mg CBD (6mg/capsule)
    180 mg CBD Capsules
  • CBD Lip Balm | CBD 3% (135 mg)
    Provacan Lip Balm 135mg
  • CBD SHAMPOO 200mg (200mL)
    CBD SHAMPOO 200mg (200mL)
  • 30mg CBD Vape Oil
    30mg CBD Vape Oil