Provacan’s Topical CBD: Variety, Quality, and Reliability

Topical CBD may not be the most well-known method of CBD use, but they are slowly stealing the spotlight frRead moreom oils. Their ease of use and variety means they are less intrusive than other CBD methods, and more beginner-friendly.

These days it’s not difficult to find brands that sell CBD topicals, but what does become a challenge is finding premium quality. Not only are many brands using inadequate extraction methods, but their topical ranges appear dull and lack-lustre.

At Provacan, topicals are never in short supply. In fact, we have designed an entire range of creams, salves, gels, and more, to make our products work seamlessly no matter your daily routine.

We also ensure that we always stay at the forefront of safe manufacturing and creative product development. From creams infused with fruit extracts to hydrating cocoa butter balms, Provacan offers more choice than most – without ever sacrificing on quality. Read more

  • 300mg CBD Balm
    300mg CBD Balm
  • CBD-Massage-Oil Provacan
    CBD Massage Oil 100mg
  • CBD SHAMPOO 200mg (200mL)
    CBD SHAMPOO 200mg (200mL)
  • Provacan Moisturiser with SPF 30 100mg | 100ml
    Provacan CBD Moisturiser (with SPF30) 100mg / 100ml
  • CBD BABYSOFT CREAM 100mg - 100ml
    CBD BABYSOFT CREAM 100mg – 100ml
  • Provacan Soothing Gel 100mg
    Provacan CBD Soothing Gel 100mg / 100ml
  • CBD Balm Cocoa Butter 900mg (30 mL)
    CBD Balm Cocoa Butter 900mg (30 mL)
  •  Provacan CBD Age Control Eye Cream
    Provacan CBD Age Control Eye Cream 100mg / 15ml (NEW)
  • pr-bath salt-front
    CBD Bath Salts 100mg
  • Provacan Blemish Control Gel 100mg
    Provacan CBD Blemish Control Gel 100mg / 15ml (NEW)