CBD in London | What Are My Options?

With CBD products in London so popular, people across the city are wondering how to access the best options — while also avoiding the swath of low-quality, poorly-made products.

It’s true that options for CBD in London are unlimited. However, few products are made with real care or expertise. In this guide, we outline some of the most important things to consider when choosing a CBD product that works for you.

CBD Oils in London

Most hemp CBD newcomers start out their journey with a CBD oil. This is the standard product on the market; the one that galvanised the enormous boom in CBD popularity. As the most conventional product, CBD oil is the one with the most extensive variety of choices available.

Typically, a CBD oil consists of hemp extract (full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate) that is infused into coconut oil or some other high lipid content oil (i.e. olive oil or hemp seed oil). CBD oil is most commonly used by placing oil drops into the mouth below the tongue, and holding for about 60 seconds before swallowing. Other users enjoy adding CBD oil to various foods, as well as tea and coffee.

In terms of where to find it, CBD oil in London is all over the place. Quality-wise, Provacan products deliver unrivaled performance compared to other brands. If effectiveness, reliability, and functionality is what you’re after, then look no further than our range of industry leading products.

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CBD Capsules in London

CBD capsules are also super easy to find when looking for cannabidiol products. CBD capsules resemble any regular tablet, except they’re infused with CBD. Many are softgels, making them easy to swallow and digest.

Capsules are tasteless. If you have ever tried CBD, you might have found the taste to be quite, well, ‘peculiar.’ After all, hemp extract can be mildly bitter and earthy. Although you can easily wash the taste down with water, you might find capsules easier and more convenient. They can also be carried on the go for CBD you can use anywhere, anytime.

As far as stores, CBD capsules in London are not as common as oils and tinctures. If you do find some in a store however, they rarely come with reliable laboratory data that outlines cannabinoid content. Again, our Provacan capsules products are superior in this regard.

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CBD Topical in London

A ‘topical’ is a product that you use externally. CBD topicals are becoming quite popular and common. The most common are lotions and ointments that you apply to the skin. CBD companies often use lots of essential oils to make the products smell pleasant, and ingredients like shea butter are also common. Some topicals contain various other ingredients, like cooling menthol. You can even find roll-ons and convenient single-use creams nowadays.

Here at Provacan, we offer an extensive range of CBD topicals, face washes, and other CBD hygiene products. We’ve even incorporated a range of CBD Massage Oils and Bath Salts into our repertoire for a complete “hemp experience.”

This is why, even though cheap CBD cream in London may be available in some stores, we recommend investing in the trusted value and reputation of Provacan products.

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CBD E-Liquid in London

We’ve already touched on an assortment of other CBD products, but for those that are looking for quality CBD e-liquid in London, you’ve got options here as well.  Of course, you’ll need to invest in a good vaporising device (like our Provacan VapePod) in order to use them.

We offer CBD vape liquid in three different formulations (30mg, 300mg, and 600mg), as well as terpene-infused varieties. If you do decide to try our CBD vape oil, be sure and check out our pre-formulated VapePods in addition to our CBD e-liquids.

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CBD Edibles in London

In spite of the massive CBD boom across the UK, it can still be hard in many cities (including London) to find quality CBD edibles. While we’re not quite sure of the reasoning behind this, one thing is for certain: edibles can offer advantages that other products simply can’t.

And while CBD edibles in London can vary dramatically in terms of both content and quality, we have developed our line of sugar-free CBD lozenges to benefit those that are looking for both taste and effectiveness. These are also some of our most affordable CBD products, so for those wanting to start their CBD journey without spending a lot of money, they would be a great place to start.

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CBD Vape in London

In terms of the vaping experience, our state-of-the-art Provacan CBD VapePod device offers an experience like no other. We offer specific formulations for both day and nighttime use, which fits along with the philosophy of incorporating products to fit the needs of a variety of people.

In a basic sense, CBD e-liquid is kind of a modified version of a CBD tincture. Many products use propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine to thin out the mixture, allowing it to be vaporised in something like a CBD VapePod or an e-cigarette.

Vaping can offer an easy and pleasant way to take your CBD. Not only does it taste better than many oils, but it may also be more efficient. In fact, inhaled CBD is thought to be one of the most effective ways to use the hemp compound.

And like other products, CBD e-liquid in London is easy to come across. But if you’re after the best quality on the market, our Day and Night Terpene VapePods are what you need to be checking out. Have a read through our product pages in order to determine which may be the best option for your needs.

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CBD Gummies in London

Another type of CBD product that you might struggle to come across in a London café is CBD gummies. Gummy bears are one of the most popular types of CBD products out there, and most contain around 10-25mg of CBD each. This makes them incredibly convenient if you take one per day.

Gummies are also ideal for carrying on the go, and some brands (like us here at Provacan), offer options in a variety of flavours and milligram amounts. Like our other products, Provacan gummies in either our 100mg or 500mg formulations offer an unrivaled CBD experience.

And the best part? They are available for fast, convenient online ordering and shipping (in many instances on the same day) to all areas of London. If you’ve been on the lookout for premium quality CBD gummies in London, give our established line of Mixed Fruit Flavour treats a try.

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Looking for Quality CBD in London? Provacan is Your Best Bet

Many consumers are enjoying CBD purchased online, and this can indeed be a very fruitful alternative to in-store shopping where lab reports are often lacking – and quality is sorely hit-or-miss. In spite of the fact that some popular high street chains now stock CBD, be careful with these products as they rarely come with detailed lab reports.

All in all, we hope that this guide has helped to shed some light on the best options and best consumption methods out there. If you are intrigued about the multi-faceted uses of CBD, then we hope we’ve made your decision-making process a little bit easier.

After all, we understand that looking for CBD in London can be overwhelming. Of all the places to buy CBD UK products, London surely has one of the largest markets. There are now bars, restaurants, and cafes that sell CBD-infused products, which is a testament to the ever-increasing popularity that his hemp-based cannabinoid is experiencing.

But even in London, with the endless amounts of choices available, it still can be daunting to really know exactly what you’re getting. With Provacan, not only do you get the convenience of having your CBD delivered, but our online ordering process allows you to view things like customer reviews and detailed product analysis. This is essential as it affords you the opportunity to verify the quality of the product you’re considering investing in. After all, an investment into CBD isn’t just a financial expenditure; it’s an investment into your health.

Here at Provacan CBD, we produce high-quality cannabidiol products that adhere to all the relevant guidelines in Britain. We stock a huge range of products that cater to the British CBD market, specialising in both fundamental consumption methods and novel products alike.


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