NT-VRL™ Sample Tincture 1ml

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  • A sample size (1ml) of our acclaimed terpene tincture
  • Designed to encourage wellbeing
  • Made in the EU
  • Crafted with a unique 30 natural terpenes formulation

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Provacan’s Sample-Size Terpene Tincture (1ml)

Provacan’s sample terpene tinctures (1ml) are the perfect introduction to our premium terpene range.

We know it can be intimidating to use unfamiliar products for the first time; that’s why we wanted to give our customers the chance to sample our unique tincture. The 1ml bottles carry the same formula as our 10ml variety, so expect a proprietary terpene blend in every drop.

Similarly, the tincture should be consumed orally. Consumers can place a few drops of the formulation underneath their tongue and hold the liquid for 30 seconds for ultimate efficacy. After this period, swallow the rest of the tincture and carry on with your day. It’s recommended to use this tincture alongside your regular CBD oil.

Using Eybna’s intelligent formulating method, our tinctures are designed to promote restfulness and encourage self-care during each day.

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