Provacan’s NT-VRL™ Terpene Range

Terpenes are aromatic compounds derived from natural sources such as flowers, fruits, conifers, and even soRead moreme insects. Imagine the earthy, fragrant smell of lavender or the sweet peppery flavour of mango; these sensory experiences are possible because of terpenes.

With over 30,000 compound varieties, terpenes influence both scent and taste. In fact, many people consume them daily without even knowing it. But can they offer therapeutic benefits too?

Inspired by nature, Provacan’s range offers advanced terpene solutions to everyday problems. Find out how we fulfill these goals below.   Read more

  • pr-terpene tincture-sample
    NT-VRL™ Sample Tincture 1ml of Our Acclaimed Terpene Tincture
  • pr-terpene e-liquid
    NT-VRL™ E-liquid 10ml
  • NT-VRL™ Tincture 10ml