New CBD Terpene Formulation Pioneers in UK

Cannabis healthcare company CiiTECH announced today that the leading CBD brand, Provacan, will now offer a unique terpene formulation (NT-VRL™) that is designed to be used with CBD. In addition to daily CBD intake, the Provacan (NT-VRL™) range, which is available in oil tinctures and e-liquid, contains 30 carefully selected terpenes, which are found in cannabis and other plants. CiiTECH partners with Eybna, the leading terpene technology company that researches NT-VRL when combined with CBD.

Among the many essential oils used for aromatherapy are terpenes, which are found in plants, fruits, and herbs. Terpenes from cannabis plants are among the highest concentrations, and when combined with active cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), they yield improved results. In technical terms, this relationship contributes to an entourage effect.

CiiTECH’s CEO, who estimates the CBD market in the UK will be worth over £3billion by 2025, commented on the growth.

 “The CBD category is fast growing so it is imperative we stay at the forefront of new developments. This partnership with Israeli based terpene company Eybna allows us to leverage best of breed science for our products, giving our customers a unique proposition and optimised wellness experience.”

Aromatherapy has relied on terpenes for hundreds of years to provide many antioxidant benefits. The difference with Provacan NT-VRL™ is that it has been expertly formulated and optimised for use with CBD. Hemp extract CBD oils naturally contain terpenes and minor cannabinoids, but the trend is toward purer forms of CBD that remove these compounds almost completely. When carefully selected terpene profiles are added to CBD, the entourage effect can be enhanced without affecting the legal status of THC or controlled cannabinoids.

“We are excited to bring NT-VRL™ to the UK market with CiiTECH, and trust them to make it available for UK consumers looking for effective data-driven products.”  Eybna CEO & Co-founder, Nadav Eyal.

CannaSoul Analytics in Israel tested the NT-VRL™ formulation for Cytokine Storm inhibition. Terpenes have been shown to have therapeutic effects on the body, particularly when combined with CBD. Eybna evaluated NT-VRLTM efficacy in an in vitro biological model that mimics an inflammatory response in the human body. The combination of terpenes and CBD has been shown to be twice as effective as CBD alone.

Provacan NT-VRL™ contains beta-caryophyllene, eucalyptol, citral, and myrcene, which are the most well-known terpenes. Research suggests that these high antioxidant terpenes may have a host of beneficial properties, including anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects.

To find out more about Provacan NT-VRL™ and the full CBD range head to 

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