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  • Contains 1800mg of high quality hemp formula
  • Lab-tested 
  • An easy-to-use and mess-free spray function
  • Powered by CiiTECH research
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Buy CBD Spray in the UK: Provacan’s Unrivaled (1800mg) CBD Spray

At Provacan, we know that many of our customers lead busy lives. Hectic family schedules and fast-paced careers can leave many of us forgetting to take care of our minds and bodies. That’s why we’ve developed a CBD product that offers customers both premium quality and ultimate convenience.

Provacan’s gold standard CBD spray contains a unique formation of MCT and terpenes. While it’s crafted to the same quality standard as our traditional CBD oils, the spray function means that you can receive your daily CBD dose in just one push.

As a member of the UK’s Cannabis Trades Association (CTA), Provacan upholds strong values about safe manufacturing and conscientious product design. Additionally, well known British cannabis company CiiTECH is behind all the work that we do.

CiiTECH is a leading figure in CBD research, and they help us develop first-class products like our CBD oil spray.

Find out more about how we make our (1800mg) CBD spray.

Provacan CBD Spray | 1800mg CBD

Forget filler oils and undisclosed ingredients: Provacan’s CBD oil spray is crafted with simplicity and transparency. In fact, we choose ingredients based on effectiveness, safety, and quality. Our (1800mg) CBD oil spray contains:

  • MCT oil derived from coconut and rapeseed oil
  • CBD hemp and terpene blend

We use MCT oil as carriers for our spray. MCT oil is an excellent source of natural fats, omegas 3 and 6, and vitamins B and D. Using it helps increase the efficacy of our oils and feelings of wellbeing.

However, the hero ingredient is, of course, the premium hemp blend. Using a mono-spectrum CBD from hemp blended with terpenes, and flavonoids.

Some people believe this encourages “the entourage effect” – the idea that hemp’s natural compounds work synergistically in the body, and therefore, should be maintained in a CBD product.

Using a hemp extract blend like this one also means that our spray does not containTHC (trace amounts within legal UK limits). We use additional manufacturing processes to extract all of the THC from our spray until no traceable amounts remain. Our range of oils are also approved Kosher by the KLBD.

Being conscientious about our ingredients means that we can remain confident that our premium quality is indisputable.

Why Is Provacan’s CBD Spray the UK’s Favourite?

High-quality doesn’t come easy. At Provacan, we put in the time, money, and ingenuity to produce an unrivaled CBD spray (1800mg) in the UK market. Here’s how we do it.

  • Growing standards: It all begins at sourcing our hemp. We carefully select EU farms that share the same ethos as us; this translates to using no pesticides or herbicides during the growing process. That’s why every batch of cannabidiol is extracted from organic hemp biomass.
  • Manufacturing: After we’ve evaluated the quality of our raw material, we begin the manufacturing process. It’s essential to extract hemp’s compounds without damaging them in the process or wasting any of the material. Alcohol extraction is used to create the hemp blend extract, gently removing other cannabinoids to create a very pure form of CBD extract. By using this technique, we can ensure a safe and effective end-product.
  • Product analysis: Testing our CBD spray is the best way to determine and show its premium standard. Of course, objectivity is essential. That’s why we work with third-party laboratories. They test our CBD products in numerous ways and provide specific information such as cannabinoid content. Every visitor to the Provacan site can access these tests. Simply look for the “Lab Reports” tab on each product description.

All in all, these processes allow us to produce the best CBD oil spray in the UK.

Is Provacan’s (1800mg) CBD Spray for Sale?

Provacan’s gold standard (1800mg) CBD spray is designed to be used during even the busiest days. Its simplicity makes it helpful to use at home and away from home, whether that be the office, school-run, or elsewhere.

Each bottle of golden standard spray contains 1800mg of CBD. Users can expect 30mg of CBD per spray, which equates to 60 sprays per bottle.

How to use: Provacan’s CBD spray is easy to use. To begin, shake the bottle well to ensure a fully combined formulation. Like our CBD oils, this product is intended to be used underneath the tongue. So, simply position it into the mouth and spray once. Ideally, users should hold the liquid in place for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. Once finished, place the top back on the bottle and continue your day.

It’s recommended to store the CBD spray in a dark, dry environment to preserve the formulation’s quality. Additionally, keeping the bottle upright is advised.

Our Provacan CBD spray is for sale in the UK, as well as in many other countries. For readers who want to know even more about our (1800mg) gold standard CBD spray, feel free to send us a direct message.

Maximum suggested daily CBD intake detailed on each product and not to exceed 70mg/day based on 1mg/kg bodyweight.