CBD Oil Spray 1200mg

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  • Made in the EU
  • 20mg CBD per single spray
  • 60 total sprays per bottle
  • 1200mg total CBD content
  • For sublingual use
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Our 1200mg CBD spray is the most popular spray option that we offer here at Provacan. Made using top of the line hemp extract, our line of CBD spray oils offer the same world class Provacan formula in a convenient, easy-to-use option. Each 10 mL bottle contains roughly 60 full sprays.

Provacan CBD Spray | 1200mg CBD

So what’s the advantage of a 1200mg CBD spray, you might be asking? Well, for one thing you can be absolutely certain that you’re getting the same high-quality hemp extract that you’re getting with any Provacan product. We have developed our reputation for a reason, and it ultimately comes down to the quality of hemp that we use, as well as our priority of using nothing but the finest, most advanced extraction techniques.

In terms of benefits and effects, a quality CBD oil spray offers many of the same advantages as a ‘traditional’ sublingual CBD hemp oil. In fact, they’re both even consumed using the same technique (apply the spray below your tongue, then hold for roughly 60 seconds before swallowing).

The major advantage of a CBD spray bottle is convenience. Our 10 mL (0.3 fl oz) bottle are calibrated to contain 60 full sprays, with a single spray of the 1200mg formulation containing roughly 20mg of CBD extract. We also offer other milligram options in our line of CBD sprays, so be sure to check those out if you feel like 20mg per spray is too much.

  • High-quality hemp extract
  • Mono-spectrum CBD formula
  • Made without THC (may contain trace amounts of THC within legal UK limits)
  • Made in the EU
  • Designed for oral (sublingual) use

Another big difference between our CBD sprays and our standard line of CBD oils is the specific cannabinoids that are present in the sprays. Our 1200mg CBD spray – and indeed all of our other sprays as well – are made with mono-spectrum hemp extract with terpenes. This means that numerous hemp phytocompounds are present, but the THC content has been fully removed. Our standard line of CBD oils are full-spectrum, meaning all phytocompounds are present – including trace amounts of THC that are found naturally in the aerial parts of hemp.

CBD Spray UK (1200mg) | Our Highest Milligram Spray

So what can we say about our CBD spray 1200mg formulation? Well, we’ll tell you that just like all of our products here at Provacan, we took our time researching and coming up with the perfect formula. The mono-spectrum hemp extract that we use for our CBD oil spray UK range is slightly different than the extract that we use in our hemp oil tinctures.

As we discussed above, the main difference is in the presence of THC (or lack thereof). While our oral dropper tinctures contain a trace THC content that’s consistent with the amount that is naturally found in hemp, we took our time researching so that our CBD sprays are formulated to contain zero THC (the THC content has been fully removed, <1mg/pack which is within UK safety limits).

Furthermore, our CBD sprays are designed for convenience. These bottles are calibrated to contain 60 full sprays; for our 1200mg formulation, that equates to a rather robust 20mg of CBD per single spray. In other words, you know exactly what you’re getting – and how much you’re getting – every time you use our unique spray formula.

1200mg CBD Spray For Sale (Free Shipping Available)

Truth be told, there are not a lot of CBD sprays for sale in the UK. While CBD products are becoming more and more popular, traditional oil tinctures seem to remain the product of choice for many.

So what are the benefits of using something like our 1200mg CBD spray? Well, some folks find it difficult or cumbersome to try and consume the appropriate amount of oral tincture under the tongue. This involves measuring out the number of oil drops that you’re consuming, our at least watching in the mirror as you place the drops below your tongue. For some, this can be problematic.

That’s why we’ve developed our leading range of CBD oil sprays for sale; in a word, it just comes down to convenience. Spray oils offer the simplicity of knowing precisely how much CBD you’re getting, every single time. In that way they’re similar to our line of CBD softgel capsules, albeit in the traditional oil delivery method (which many people prefer).

We offer our Premium Gold CBD sprays for sale in our highest milligram content (1200mg) formulation, as well as 300 and 600mg for users who are not looking to consume as much hemp extract per spray. And the best part? Quality. These CBD spray oils are made right here in the EU, and contain just three ingredients: high-quality hemp extract, hemp terpenes and MCT oil. And of course, all CBD sprays are Made without THC (may contain trace amounts of THC within legal UK limits). Our oils are also approved Kosher by the KLBD.

Maximum suggested daily CBD intake detailed on each product and not to exceed 70mg/day based on 1mg/kg bodyweight.