Provacan Gold Series THC-Free CBD Oil

Here at Provacan, we aim to provide the highest quality CBD you can get in the UK. We also believe that eveRead moreryone should be able to use our products, and that includes people who want to avoid THC. Our Gold CBD Oil range caters to those individuals with a formula that contains no THC (<1mg/container), we refer to these products as being THC-free.

The Provacan Gold range features a variety of products, including capsules, gummies, balms, and the Gold Oil Spray. With our exceptional techniques and premium quality hemp, the Provacan Gold series might just be the best THC-free CBD on the market right now.

If you want to know more about the complete Provacan Gold series, check out the products below or read on to find out more details. Read more

  • cbd gold spray_1200
    CBD Oil Spray 1200mg
  • Buy CBD Spray UK | 300mg CBD Spray
    CBD Oil Spray 300mg
  • cbd gold spray_600
    CBD Oil Spray 600mg
  • cbd gold spray_1800
    CBD Oil Spray 1800mg
  • pr-premium-gold-gummies-500mg
    CBD Gummies 500mg
  • pr-premium-gold-balm-900mg
    CBD Balm 900mg
  • pr-premium-gold-softgel-capsules-1200mg
    Provacan GOLD CBD Soft Gel Capsules 1200mg / 20mg * 60 pack
  • pr-premium-gold-balm-300mg
    CBD Balm 300mg
  • pr-premium-gold-gummies-100mg
    CBD Gummies 100mg
  • pr-premium-gold-softgel-capsules-600mg
    CBD Capsules 600mg

    Using our capsules could not be easier. It’s recommended to take 1-2 capsules per day, and they can be consumed at any time. Simply place a capsule in your mouth and swallow with a cup of water.

    New users can try this amount of CBD to see if it works, but more advanced users may wish to check out our range of more potent capsules. Alternatively, you can take multiple 20mg capsules per day, without exceeding a dose of 70mg.