1g CBD Isolate (1000mg CBD)

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  • Contains hemp-extracted CBD powder
  • Laboratory-tested / cannabinoid content verified
  • Designed for high milligram CBD content
  • 100% THC free

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Provacan CBD Isolate | 1,000mg CBD (1g)

The latest addition to the Provacan product range is our expertly crafted 1g CBD isolate. This is one of our highest milligram CBD items available and is ideal for a range of different uses.

We can say with confidence that this is one of the best CBD isolate UK product on the market – manufactured in accordance with our strict and rigorous production standards. Our top-quality hemp, along with our top-quality extraction, ensures the highest quality possible. If you’re looking to buy CBD isolate UK products – Provacan is the place to do it, hands down. 

UK CBD Isolate For Sale (1g / 1,000mg)

Our CBD isolate is made using 1000 mg of CBD that is extracted from hemp plant material using advanced extraction processes. It contains no measurable amounts of THC and is ideal for those seeking high levels of CBD with each serving. Provacan isolate is conveniently packaged into a 1-gram jar.

  • 1g (1,000 mg) jar CBD isolate
  • Derived from hemp
  • Completely THC free
  • Free of pesticides and other harmful substances

If you’ve been on the lookout for quality CBD isolate products, Provacan only sells the best. When using an isolate, you can expect the same reliable, efficient wellness benefits of our other hemp-based products.

1g CBD Isolate

The potential benefits and effects of CBD in general and CBD isolate specifically, go hand-in-hand. One of the main benefits of CBD is that it is so widely available in the UK. Of course, CBD isolate can impact individuals in different ways. The effectiveness of CBD are often influenced by several factors, including things like age, gender, weight, and so forth.

If you want to buy CBD isolate UK products, you’re in the right place. By sticking to strict practices, we ensure that we produce the highest quality products possible. Provacan is one of the UK’s most trusted brands, and we always place customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities.

** PROVACAN 1 gram CBD Isolate Powder CONTAINS 0% THC (images are for illustration purposes only)**

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Rating :

Super versatile, just what I have been looking for!

Rating :

I like how versatile this product is and that it allows me to experiment.

Rating :

I use the Provacan isolate to support my fitness regime. It’s great for intense exercise recovery.

Rating :

Excellent quality! Helps keep me focused during the day and makes me feel like a happier person.

Rating :

Hands down the best CBD isolate I’ve tried. Leaves me feeling calm and relaxed.


1. What is the difference between CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD?

CBD isolate contains pure isolated CBD powder, while broad spectrum contains CBD along with other cannabinoids (without THC), and full-spectrum is a full-plant extract, meaning it contains all cannabinoids found in the plant.

2. Is CBD isolate edible?

All cannabinoids, including CBD, are fat-soluble – meaning they mix well into fatty substances like oil. Isolate cannot be eaten by itself, but it can easily be added into many kinds of edible food products that contain ingredients like coconut milk, cooking oil, or butter. You can also use it as a seasoning and sprinkle it over nearly anything. 

3. How to use CBD isolate?

While it may not sound as appealing as flavored CBD oils or edibles, isolate is surprisingly versatile when it comes to consumption. One of the most popular ways to use CBD isolate is with a vape pen (make sure your vaporizer is compatible).

4. How is CBD isolate made?

CBD isolate is made from carefully filtered hemp plant extract. This allows us to produce the best quality and cleanest products on the market, and results in a pure CBD isolate powder straight from the hemp plant.

5. Is CBD isolate the same as CBD oil?

No – CBD oil is made in the form of a tincture, while isolate is in a powder/crystalized form. Also, CBD oil will typically contain CBD along with other cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from the hemp plant. CBD isolate, on the other hand, contains no other cannabinoids.


Pure isolated CBD powder