CBD in Southampton – Best Places to Buy

CBD in Southampton is easy to buy considering the number of stores that are now selling it. Unfortunately, few people realise that these stores rarely provide accurate information regarding things like ingredients, detailed cannabinoid profile reports, and so on. In this guide, we highlight the best and most trusted options for buying authentic CBD products in Southampton. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

CBD Oils in Southampton

When looking for CBD oil in Southampton, it is essential to know the UK’s rules surrounding the cannabinoid. Those familiar with American laws will immediately understand the situation. All UK CBD products must come from industrial hemp and contain a maximum of 0.2% THC.

Perhaps the best way to comply with the law is to choose a brand (like us here at Provacan) that offers rigorous quality testing. Through quality testing, you can quickly and easily see what is inside every one of our products – something that you can rarely get in a physical store. Brands that conduct lab testing are able to transparently reveal how much CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids are inside. They can evel let you know the terpene content.

When you purchase CBD oil in Southampton, you’ll also see that you have options between choosing broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, or CBD isolates. These options come a wide variety of formulations, though there is a growing body of evidence that suggests the ‘entourage effect’ is real. This is a phenomenon whereby cannabinoids appear to work better together than in isolation. (Broad-spectrum CBD oils are similar to full-spectrum, but without any THC).

Residents of Southampton can avail of a rising number of ‘specialist’ CBD stores. You can even find the compound in high-street stores such as Holland & Barrett. However, as we mention above it is rare that these products come with any sort of reliable lab testing reports. At Provacan, users can browse our entire selection of authentic CBD products online and rely on fast, reliable shipping to all areas of Southampton.

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CBD Capsules in Southampton

When trying to find the best CBD capsules Southampton has to offer, remember you should check out brands that extract the cannabinoid from hemp instead of cannabis. An increasing number of companies source their CBD from hemp grown in the EU or the United States. The level of quality control is high in these locations, so with a brand like Provacan, customers are getting a truly premium product.

Most consumers say there are three reasons why they choose CBD capsules. Convenience is the first reason. Taking a pill is as easy as swallowing it with a glass of water. You can take the container with you anywhere, and never worry about leaks. It is also possible to consume it discreetly. That is if you care about what anyone else thinks!

The second advantage of CBD capsules is the lack of taste. The hemp plant has an acquired flavor! You can purchase flavored CBD oil to combat the bitter taste. However, popping a capsule is even easier. The third reason to buy capsules is to ensure you get an accurate dosage. Assuming the brand has lab reports, then what you see is what you get with capsules.

For example, you can purchase our Provacan CBD capsules safe in the knowledge that you are getting what it says on the container. We offer 6 mg capsules for those looking to dip their toe into CBD waters. We also offer our standard 24 mg capsules and 96 mg capsules, which are among some of our best sellers.

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CBD Topical in Southampton

In some cases, oral or sublingual consumption is not appropriate. For these occasions, it makes more sense to buy CBD cream in Southampton. For example, if your aim is to manage a localised area (such as in the knee), CBD topicals are a great option. Topicals include products like salves, creams, and moisturisers – all of which we offer here at Provacan. Simply rub the topical in the affected area; your skin absorbs the CBD as it contains the same cannabinoid receptors found in the rest of the body.

When using a CBD topical, however, make sure you clean and dry the appropriate area before application. Ideally, you will begin with a relatively small amount to see how your body responds. If you are not satisfied with the initial reaction, apply a more significant amount the next time.

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CBD e-Liquid in Southampton

The vaping industry has risen like a rocket in a short period of time. However, there are concerns over the standard of vape products. Reports from the United States suggest that dozens of people have fallen ill from a vaping-related illness. The American government has even responded in some areas by banning flavored e-juices.

However, such measures miss the point. If you buy high-quality CBD e-liquid in Southampton by ordering with Provacan, you can ensure you are getting the best, most reliable product on the market. And for reference, many of the products that caused damage in the U.S. were not even high-quality, CBD vape oil. Some were black market cannabis oils that contained ingredients such as vitamin E acetate.

Whatever the case, when purchasing CBD vape liquid make sure you only deal with reputable brands. At Provacan, we stand by the full list of ingredients that are included in all of our e-liquids. Do not try to vape regular CBD oil. It is far too thick, and will only clog up your vaporiser.

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CBD Edibles in Southampton

CBD products that fall under the UK’s unique rulings on hemp and hemp extracts generally include products like CBD gummies, coffee, beer, brownies, and other infused foods and beverages. In the coming years, we may see further steps taken to regulate the industry as a whole.

As of now, CBD companies must provide a safety dossier to regulatory bodies in order to continue selling CBD products. A failure to do so will likely see products getting pulled from shelves (and/or online stores). In reality, this is probably good news for the industry as a whole. Hopefully it will raise the standard and remove low-grade oils and CBD edibles from the UK marketplace.

If you live in the nearby region and fancy CBD edibles in Southampton or the great area, there is sadly a lack of in-store options. Indeed, there is a scarcity of such businesses throughout the UK outside of London. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to buy premium quality CBD edibles online from us here at Provacan. We offer these products in the form of CBD Lozenges, which we offer in several different delicious flavours.

When consuming CBD edibles, please remember that they may take a little longer to take affect than CBD oil. Also, as they are orally consumed, the bioavailability rate may be lower than oil consumed sublingually. However, some edibles users say they feel the effects for longer than with other consumption methods.

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CBD Vape in Southampton

If you have a CBD e-liquid, you are only halfway there! You also need to purchase a CBD device. Fortunately, we offer CBD VapePod devices online right here at Provacan. You can also find these available in kits, which include a basic vape device, charger, and a CBD e-liquid.

VapePods are not sophisticated devices; just switch it on, and inhale! The unit will heat the liquid automatically when it detects breath activity. At that point, you simply inhale it and enjoy.

Once again, we urge caution when exploring options for CBD vape in Southampton. First of all, you need a reliable device that doesn’t malfunction. Secondly, the associated vape juice should contain ‘safe’ ingredients. If a brand doesn’t offer a full list of ingredients, walk away!

Those who vaporise CBD often enjoy rapid effects. Some say vaping may also offer a higher bioavailability rate than other forms of consumption. (Some estimates suggest you get up to three times more CBD when you vape when compared to oral use). However, many vape devices are treated like cigarettes in public, meaning you may have to brave the predictable British rain if you want to go outside and take a CBD hit!

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CBD Gummies in Southampton

If you have a sweet tooth, check out our premier line of CBD gummies in Southampton that we offer through our online store. While some brands go for the ‘classic’ fruity gelatin gummy look, we offer the real thing. Our CBD gummies are also vegan and vegetarian-friendly for the extremely health conscious (and of course, they’re positively bursting with flavour).

Even to this day, many CBD users are self-conscious in terms of consuming something like a sublingual oil. If you fall into this category, you can enjoy a gummy — and no one has any idea what you are eating!

Feel free to take a look at our ingredients list before you decide on the CBD gummies that you want to invest in – we think you’ll be thoroughly please with the quality that we offer.

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If You Need High-Quality CBD in Southampton, Choose Provacan

Buying CBD in Southampton is a simple process now that the cannabinoid is so prevalent in the UK. If you walk down the city’s main streets, you are sure to find a few CBD brands in operation. As we discuss above however, be wary of the quality and credibility of these products.

Due to wide variations in quality, we highly suggest ordering online from an established, top-rated and trusted brand such as ourselves here at Provacan CBD.

We work hand-in-hand with the CiiTECH organisation, which is a company dedicated to scientific research. We use this knowledge in the creation of all our premium grade CBD products. Additionally, all of our CBD comes from hemp grown in organically-certified European Union farms. We also use state-of-the-art extraction techniques to remove the cannabinoid from the hemp plant. This is a sophisticated and complex process, but leaves no unwanted residue behind.

All in all, the CBD market in Britain has grown remarkably quickly. Of course, rapid growth always comes with inherent risks, and not every brand out there offers high-quality CBD. We believe that improved regulation will only serve to benefit the industry, but regardless, when you buy CBD in the UK, focus on companies that provide things like verified lab reports. It is important to know what you are putting into your body, and with Provacan, you know you’re getting the best of the best.

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