Brits seek calmness they enter the 19th month of the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of millions around the world. Though the restrictions have been eased in the UK, we are still living in a period of high stress. Research reveals that seven in every 10 adults in Britain admitted to experiencing feeling worried over the past 18 months and 75% of Brits are looking to promote calmness in their lives. The readjustments can be stressful with all the uncertainty around. In the wake of this, many organizations are coming up to create a support network for the struggling, and Provocan CBD has taken a similar invite to make the feeling of unrest more visible so that people do not find themselves alone.


Nathan Wyburn’s Art– The Journey to Calm 


The last 18 months have been difficult for all. Nathan Wyburn, a Welsh artist is going above and beyond to bring out how people are feeling amid the situation. Together with Provacan CBD, he has created a piece of artwork that represents the journey of people being worried and stressed to being calm. Art helps me feel calm, it’s my release, so I hope this piece can bring clarity and help explain the journey to you’ says Wyburn while commenting on his style of art. His work is the visualization of feelings from one extreme to another. The series of images are made using everyday materials such as bottle tops, cassette tape, nails, cotton, and sun cream. Appreciating the opportunity to create such an art, he shares his experience of suffering from anxiety and how it motivated him to express his journey to calmness. 


The Art Work 


The digital artwork ‘the Journey to Calm’ is inspired by real-life stories of over 1000 people seeking a sense of calm in their lives. From the shape to texture to colour, everything in the images describes people’s sentiments. The black colour has been used to express the extreme uneasiness which 27% of brits felt was suitable to explain their feeling.  

created by Britain Got Talent artist Wyburn incorporates traditional and non-traditional materials including charcoal, paint, cassette tape, nails, and bottle tops. 

What do statistics say about the impact of the pandemic on mental health in the UK?

Studies conducted by CiiTECH, the consumer-focused cannabis healthcare company behind leading UK CBD brand Provacan found out that 71% of British questioned reported feeling stressed due to events over the past one and a half years. It is surprising to note that two-thirds found it difficult to answer the question of how are they feeling and used the word knotted to indicate feeling complicated. On the other hand, 65% claimed to be misunderstood by their family and friends which further added to their discomfort. Moreover, 49% of adults experienced difficulties in talking to their partners. This number was 45%, 40%, 37%, and 34% when it came to converse with friends, parents, colleagues, and employers respectively. 


Physical symptoms experienced in stress


51% of people questioned above complained of sleep problems owing to extreme uneasiness. While 37% felt a churning in the stomach, 31% mentioned their inability to sit still. Hot flushed and sweating were also some of the physical symptoms experienced by people. More than two-fifths of adults felt burdensome while carrying out day-to-day tasks. 

A quarter of adults did not experience any high levels of panic. However, they struggled to empathize with those who were in a state of unease or panic amid the pandemic. 

On average, an adult in the UK has experienced over 6 days of unease a month which comes to 108 days of fear and panic in the last 18 months. The discomfort while coping with the readjustments is understandable. However, the feeling of loneliness can set in very easily. People may feel that they are the only ones experiencing this uneasiness and hence it is important to let others know that what they are feeling isn’t different. The visual illustration ‘The Journey to Calm’ aims to clarify these complicated feelings and help ease the explanation burden on Brits. 


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