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CiiTECH’s flagship brand, Provacan CBD has been nominated in the 2022 ASOS Beauty Awards along with several other well-known beauty brands. CiiTECH is a cannabis healthcare company whose mission is to discover, develop, and commercialise products for the UK and worldwide markets. Providing high-quality CBD products to the UK and European market since 2017. The brand has been steadily adding products to it’s line and improving past products based on consumer feedback. Among its new developments are a moisturiser with SPF, a soothing gel, an eye cream, and blemish control. 

As one of the leading providers of CBD products in the United Kingdom, Provacan has achieved considerable success since it’s launch. The brand has been praised by reviewers and customers alike for its high-quality, uncompromised products. 

Among Provacan’s award winning products are the eye cream and the blemish control gel which are currently shortlisted for the ASOS Beauty Awards 2022, furthermore the quantity of CBD has been doubled for the moisturiser SPF and the soothing gel, leading to a higher beneficial outcome when applying them on the skin. 

CBD has become popular among skin care enthusiasts. This year’s competitions are just one of many ways we aim to raise awareness of CBD’s potential benefits, particularly in areas such as helping clear blemishes or redness. 


Provacan CBD Blemish Control Anti-Sebum Gel and Provacan CBD Age Control Eye Cream were both nominated for ASOS Beauty Awards in 2022. The innovative skincare range is good for blemishes and fine lines, perfect for every woman who’s looking to look her best at all times.  

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In a recent survey conducted by ASOS, nearly 75% of women aged 18-35 expressed an interest in incorporating CBD into their skincare routine. Recognizing a trend and capitalising on it is how we do things at Provacan. Our CBD skincare products are 100% natural and utilise only high-quality ingredients. Don’t take our word for it, try them out for yourself! We offer both gel and cream versions to suit your skin type best! The CBD Age Control Eye Cream uses CBD to reduce puffiness, increase elasticity, and get rid of dark circles under your eyes. The Blemish Control Anti-Sebum Gel does wonders for oily skin by absorbing excess oil while keeping moisture levels balanced all day long. When you buy from Provacan, you can feel confident that you’re getting innovative CBD skincare created with premium ingredients. Help us win and don’t forget to vote! 

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